Most Haunted Live – Proof that Barnum was right (again)

I’m sure you probably heard something about this if you’ve watched the Travel Channel recently, but there are a bunch of people from the “Most Haunted” team (they’re all Brits except for the woman who tells you how to text the show, etc.) at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It’s noted for being the jail where Al Capone was held for a period of time.

And, apparently, for the paranormal. I guess. Thus the Travel Channel have decided to bring the “Most Haunted Live” people over here for a 7-hour program looking for ghosts and other things. Quite frankly, I don’t believe a bit of it; but that’s just me.

The hilarious thing are these people watch the webcams set-up (Windows Media there) and I’ve seen this a couple of times in the 5 or so minutes I watched, where someone will pass through one of the cameras. Now, the lunatics who write into the show say that it’s some kind of disturbance or some baloney; it’s obviously someone from the production crew walking through.

The latest thing is this fella (Karl, apparently the husband of the main “inside” hostess/executive producer) who has somehow scratched himself through his shirt and had what they claim to be blood on his shirt. The best part is that he had a minor complaint about doing what would be logical, taking the shirt off: “De-robing on telly”. Generally, if I were bleeding, I wouldn’t give a shit if I was on tv, I’d want to get some attention, ya know. As it is, two people have already fainted.

But really, the best part is the interaction, as I had mentioned. They’re asking folks to text in comments, participate in the forums, and even send in your “psychic art” (I think the translation is just draw a face or a person and put some text next to it and claim it’s psychic) via fax.

It’s on the Travel Channel (via Analogue cable and satellite) until 3am Eastern time (Midnight pt), and I’ve been drawn in, mostly for a good chuckle. Especially now that they’re doing a Ouija board session (isn’t it funny that the little pointer never moves unless there are hands touching it?). This should prove interesting, I think.

11:04: This is lovely! The English woman they have on to research the things these folks in the prison bring up is discussing a murder that happened there in the 1800s, and this was her almost-exact line. “…and he nicked his uniform. Of course, that’s English for ‘stole’.” Yep, us Americans would get confused at that. Then again, there are people willing to shell out 99c a month for a “Ghost Detector” program that will tell you if there are variances in electrical waves via their mobile phone….