The Movies I’ve Watched

I got to thinking tonight about the movies that I have watched over the last year, and it’s interesting to look at what I’ve actually watched. Some of them I’ve reviewed on the blog, others I haven’t. Some of them are movies that most people have watched, others are ones that were wildly popular in some parts of the world and never made that big of a splash here, and others are just good movies.

This is the list of movies that I’ve watched over the last year or so; if I’ve done a review, I’ll have it linked:

The next movies in my queue for watching however, are BlueThunder (though I suspect I’ve gotten the fullscreen version instead of the proper widescreen version), The Blue Lagoon, and the Indiana Jones trilogy.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for movies that I should/have to/need to watch. Don’t be afraid to make obvious suggestions; chances are that I haven’t seen it (and may not have even heard of it). The last movie I watched in a theatre was (if I’m remembering correctly) The Santa Clause.

3 thoughts on “The Movies I’ve Watched

  1. Ah.. top gun.. a trip down memory lane. The Other Half said to me just the other day “Your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash” – that’s what I meant in encouraging to you to watch some of these movies, because I make better sense 🙂

    You saw more than these though, if I remember correctly?

  2. Based on that list…I’m not sure (a) I *should* suggest anything or (b) can recall back to the correct era. 😉 Although that is probably the last point in time when I was reliably able to watch movies.

    You do have some I really enjoyed.

    I Am Sam has a great soundtrack.

    Well okay you have seen The Princess Bride, right? I mean that’s so obvious I’m ashamed to even write it up bu you did say…

    Anyway, one can never see that movie too many times.

    Have you seen any of th emovies they made from Nick Hornby or Elmore Leonard novels?

    High Fidelity?
    About a Boy (also awesome soundtrack…love Badly Drawn Boy)

    Be Cool?
    Out of Sight?
    Get Shorty?
    Jackie Brown?

  3. Snos – You do make more sense now 😉

    And, I fixed the missing movie 🙂

    Julie – Nope, haven’t seen any of those; I’ve heard of a couple of them though. Also, I remember hearing Badly Drawn Boy on BBC Radio 2 (when I listened to them up at college) and liking “You Were Right”. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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