Sacré Bleu

I have French heritage and it took a phone book to tell me. Well, not exactly; it turns out that it was someone from out of town who put the information together. You’d think that if they, as they claim “work with every prominent member of the business community in the towns where we publish”, they might have tried asking some basic questions. For example –

* Is Baruch a French name?
* What’s the bigger event? A three-day picnic that raises funds for the local fire department or a celebration of an instrument played by a small group of people?
* Is there an ice rink available for use in winter?

Probably the most unusual thing is that, due to the nature of the two towns covered in this book being so closely linked (they share a school district, and maybe some community services offered through the schools), the people who put together the book labeled it “Town A/Town B 2007”. Of course, logic would dictate that you might change some of your templates to reflect the fact that you’re talking about two independent communities. Well, that didn’t happen, so you have lines like this –

In the style of hometown telephone books from an earlier era, our A/B Directory contains large type type and the names and numbers of your friends and neighbors in A/B. … If you look through the huge regional yellow pages, you’ll notice that there are not many A/B businesses listed as advertisers … they have little need to advertise to families 45 minutes away.

Well, there is a bit of truth there – the book does have larger print than other phone books, yet is no thicker than the white pages that cover these same communities that is distributed by the local phone company. It’s also true that there aren’t many businesses in my town that advertise in the über-regional yellow pages which covers all or part of 11 counties in the region. However, they are in the two phone books which cover our county, along with the two phone books which cover the same two towns.

The last minor error they made was that they decided to move a highway about 70 miles to the south, but aside from cutting some roads off on the map, they didn’t make too many mistakes. The good news is that they managed to figure out the right cable and telephone companies for the area.

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  1. I get the same sort of thing with my surname. Sometimes. “That name is from Normandy, right?!” Love it 🙂

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