Scrolling madness!

This is excellent for everyone who has a sidebar that scrolls from here to eternity, or for someone who might just want to make a list of links that can grow quite long fit into a smaller space.

I was asked by Snoskred if it were possible to make the US Blogs Blogroll be like the blogging chicks blogroll which automatically scrolls, but not making the links invisible to spiders so that they count in search engines and other sites, which doesn’t happen with the blogging chicks blogroll because it’s using Javascript and spiders can’t see that.

My first instinct was to make an iframe, but a quick search showed that spiders don’t pick them up, or if they do, it only picks up the page that is contained in the iframe. There was, however a way that you can get text to appear in the place of the iframe, but that is only for browsers that do not support iframes. I had tried it out, but only saw a blank frame instead of what I wanted.

At this point, I could have said, well, I guess it can’t be done at all, but I thought to myself that there must be a way to do it, and that I just haven’t found how to do it just yet. As it turns out, this is the case, as I did some searching and landed on this page, which explained how to do it with some dead simple HTML coding. Two minutes later, I had the links list scrolling magically. I’m making this post scroll as well, just to show off the new “toy” that I discovered. 😉

Now, the next challenge is to find out how to make the blogroll automatically update without using Javascript or an Iframe. I’m sure there’s a way, it’s just slightly beyond my knowledge of HTML right now.

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