So that’s how they do it….

It seems that once you have someone or something figured out, another little curve ball gets tossed/bowled/etc. at you.

In this case, a writer in the Sydney Morning Herald’s “Stay in touch” blog wrote this interesting description of how TV ratings are calculated Down Under. Here’s a little taste –

At 2am each day, all Diary recordings over the past 24 hours are sent to the central Taminondas computer, from which the ratings figures are calculated and sent to TV networks at 8am.

I managed to get that far believing everything that was written. Of course, it was around that point that I started to see the comments correcting this “history” of Aussie TV Ratings. If you want the straight dope, read up over here.

In other news, I’ve gone and done something quite stupid – allowed myself to get sunburnt. I am aware of the risks of this, and I’m happy to report that I do have some sunscreen, and I also have an umbrella that I can use while outside. I also have the advantage that there is partial shade where I go outside; at least until about 10 am.