Some strange identification there…

In the paper I found this headline –

Ultralight crash survivors identified

Uh, wouldn’t you name the survivors? By saying identify, you’re implying that there’s other evidence than asking the people their names which led to their identity.

Le Mans update – I didn’t make it the whole 24 hours. I wound up sleeping from about 4:30 until 7:30. I watched the finish and then we went out and did some shopping, one part involved me buying an espresso from the local coffeehouse, and it was very bitter. I tried putting some sugar in it, but that did no good at all, and they didn’t have any regular milk available to put in. Just hazelnut-flavored creamer… I’ll stick to my own coffeepot or other kinds of coffee from now on I think.

2 thoughts on “Some strange identification there…

  1. I think you’re right – identified goes with victims. Maybe they’ve been unconscious?

    Even so…

  2. Taking a look at the full story, they also identified the fisherman who witnessed the plane, which according to a police deputy, “just, like, barrel-rolled them through the water”.

    As far as injuries – According to police, both victims were conscious throughout the ordeal and both were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries.

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