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I did pretty good on not mentioning this for a week. I think this plan will work – I’m gonna do a weekly update thing from now on. 🙂

Some folks might notice that I’m going around today and leaving comments on the blogs in the community with a sort-of newsletter of things going on in the community. However, I decided to take a couple of links out of the comment so that it isn’t captured by software like Akismet as being a spam comment. This is how I would post it if I would have unlimited links –

I wanted to let you know about some of the cool things going on over at the US Blogs Community at Bumpzee. There is an RSS Feed which will give you snippets of every post in the community, both on blogs and in the community itself. Also, you can get a US Blog button and a list of links to all the blogs in the community. As of now, we’re up to 40 blogs, and it would be awesome if we could get the number doubled by the end of the month. It might seem to be daunting, but we’ve gone from none to 40 in the space of three weeks, so it’s definitely possible. Be sure to tell all your blogging friends here in the States about it 🙂


This has become a labor of love for me, and I am really proud that the community has gone from just myself to being 14th in the rankings based on the number of members in all communities across Bumpzee. It’s really amazing to think that this has been done in the space of just three weeks. Thanks to all of you who have joined the community. And if you do have a blog, don’t hesitate to join – it’s free and you’re not under any obligation to put anything on your site, but you can if you wish. 🙂

2 thoughts on “US Blogs Update

  1. Thanks for stopping by Comedy Plus. I am aware that my link doesn’t work. I am working on it, but all the pros that I have asked for help haven’t helped much. Not their fault, just haven’t found the right person yet. Have a great day and I’ll go check out the link. I faved you in technorati too. I would appreciate the same. 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by at our BBQ and leaving the comment.
    We are already members of bumpzee but we do not have time to take care of anything there. All we can pretty much do is keep up with our blog and go around in our readership family – because the cat blogosphere is a very lively and engaged community!
    If there will ever be a minute we’ll go and check out what we can do there…

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