The Wet Death

So, it’s getting into summer, and the season for strong thunderstorms and, on the rare occasion, tornadoes. However, the situation today is one that has not been seen around here for a couple of years. This is how I summarized the situation at about 1 PM today –

there’s a 45% chance of receiving hail 3/4″ (2cm) or larger (10%+ chance of hail 2″ (5cm) or larger); a 45% chance of receiving storm winds in excess of 50 knots (58 mph, 95 km/h) (10%+ chance of winds exceeding 65 knots (75 mph, 120 km/h); a 15-30% chance of a tornado (10%+ chance of a strong tornado, EF2 to EF5 intensity). And these storms are expected to be moving through at about 60 mph (100 km/h)

Of course, there was one school district that actually cancelled school today. Even the meteorologists were baffled by this choice. The hilarious thing is that they’ve already had to extend the school year due to snow days, so it’s just another day that they have to go next week…

I’m prepared for the storms; I’ve got my laptop downstairs and turned on, with some radars and the NWS webpage loaded in firefox, autorefreshing every 5 minutes (one of the things that you get from having Tab Mix Plus).