What a waste

One of the things about living in a more rural area is that at times people will just toss junk out of their cars and into the ditches alongside the road. Usually, it’s an empty fast food bag or cup. Sometimes you’ll see an aluminum can or soda bottle in there.

However, this one takes the cake. While I was out mowing the lawn, I spotted a largeish object in the grass, and went over to investigate. Note that these pictures are a re-enactment of the original scene.

At first glance, it appears to be a bottle of booze. And you’d be right with that guess. It is a bottle of Kessler Whiskey, as witnessed by this, what almost could be termed, marketing quality shot. If only it had a proper label and a full bottle.

There was one part of the bottle that was still intact however. It turns out that the little bit about the history of the product was still there, and here it is for you all to enjoy:

The only question I have for the person who threw it out of their car is why? My suspicion is that it was someone who was underage and didn’t want their parents finding out about their experimentation with the bottle. It might also be someone who drank three quarter of the bottle and decided that the taste wasn’t for them. Ah well, it will remain one of nature’s mysteries. All I know is that the only place that it’s fit for now is the trash can.