You what? (6 weird things about me)

Since Snoskred has tagged me and anyone else who reads there (by the way, if you haven’t been there recently, take a look – she redid the look on there and it’s brilliant), here are my 6 weird things about myself. As far as tagging along the chain, I’m not entering into the politics of it either, so if you have a blog, feel free to do it; just leave a comment and I’ll note it here. 🙂

1) I’ve always been fascinated with, of all things, the phone book. I think this is based in the fact that my mother would bring old books home from time to time, usually because they were out-of-date. Even worse was when I’d go to the library and actively seek out the section of the reference section that had the out of town and out of state books. In fact, I still remember flipping through the Nashville phone book a few years ago and seeing all of the mobile phone providers (this was before everybody and their uncle had them; I didn’t get my first mobile until 2004, and I still have it); it seemed that they all had phone numbers ending in -2355 (-CELL for those who don’t have a phone in front of you ;)). Ironically, there are more phone books here now than there have been for a while. I’ll spare you the details of them though. 🙂

2) This is something that comes as a result of living next to railroad tracks for most of my life, but I am a railfan. In other words, I like to catch trains in sight, either just with my eyes, or with the camera. Probably the weirdest thing I ever did with this so far is going to Illinois for a railroad festival, only to find out that it had ended the previous day and all the displays were gone. I did, however, manage to get a picture of a train that day. From the driveway at home, obscured by trees.

3) Most folks, when they go out and travel, will take photos or buy a little trink et to mark their trip to that city. It could be a small spoon, or even a larger piece of memorabilia. However, if I am the person who is in charge of getting the trinkets, there is a great chance that I will return with a newspaper. I have a collection of a lot of papers from around the country, from the LA Times to the Washington Post. The thing is that this isn’t like just the front pages but the full paper for the actual day.

4) Another fascination I have is with the roads. Not just where they go and how you get there, but the signs that you see at the side of the road. Most folks would call me weird, but there is a term – roadgeek. I can spend hours looking at sites like AARoads or OzRoads. I’ve even gone so far as to email a photo of a sign and explain the significance of it (the sign is no longer there).

5) When I was young, I used to be scared of a jingle for one of our major insurance companies, American Family Insurance. It is a devilishy simple jingle that is just the name of the company sung out. Nevertheless, I was absolutely terrified of the advertisements. If I had to guess what the fear came from, it might have been the graphic they showed on screen at the end of the commercial – just the company’s logo along with the walking fingers for the yellow pages. Thankfully, I’m over that now. 😉

6) This is probably the most unusual, so it fits perfectly. 😉 I have this odd tendency to daer sdrow sdrawkab, or read words backwards. This is another of those things that I just started doing and kinda never stopped. It doesn’t hurt anybody and I always do it just to myself. However, if you start hearing me saying redrum, it’s probably not because I’m thinking of its mirror. 😉

2 thoughts on “You what? (6 weird things about me)

  1. I love the last one, although if you hear me say redrum, I can assure I am probably thinking of it’s hidden meaning….LOL

  2. Hey, you’re not weird. I learned to write upside down and backwards when making presentations to prospective clients – that way I wouldn’t have to write and then turn the paper 180 degrees so they could read what I had written. What was really odd/funny, is that half-way through the presentation, they’d suddenly realize what I was doing and be amazed. Wonder who else has read Stephen Kings’ “The Shinning”? Take care.

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