19th July – A face in the tree

19th July – A face in the tree, originally uploaded by sephiroth.blog.

I’ve walked past this tree for a while, yet only noticed it today.

One way that I’m making myself accountable for walking and taking photos every day is making sure that, when I upload them to the web, I keep the EXIF data available for all to see. Of course, there isn’t an easy way for people to see that data if it’s just the image. So, I’m going to restart using flickr to upload my images, and then blog from here for my walking post. That way, you can view the image, and then check out the data on the photo.

Today was a day that, if I weren’t making myself accountable, I probably would have begged off of walking. I am quite achy from actually getting out there and walking, but I am certain that this is just a temporary thing and it will improve as my stamina improves. It won’t hurt that it’s going to be less humid over the next couple of days, as that really zaps the energy.

I used the same route that I did yesterday, but I think that the pedometer was really doing a lot of double counting as the distance walked (and this includes a couple of trips up and down the driveway to put the trash and recycling out) was 4.32km or 5400 steps.