20th July – Roadside Flowers

20th July – Roadside Flowers, originally uploaded by sephiroth.blog.

These flowers are alongside one of the roads I walk along on my route.

Today, I took the same route I’ve been taking, but I took the loop part in reverse – going up the hills instead of down them (taking the left path in the second picture here, instead of the gravel path). Even though I walked later in the day, it was a lot more comfortable as the humidity has gone away. Also, I noticed a distinct lack of bugs compared to the last three days. The total distance – 4,913 steps, 3.93km.

2 thoughts on “20th July – Roadside Flowers

  1. Re: your 20th July – Roadside Flowers, it looks like wild bergamot. It has a square stem in cross-section and is aromatic when the leaves are crushed. It’s also very popular with bees and butterflies.

  2. Thanks! It’s one of the more common wildflowers around here, and really nobody knows what it is, it’s just there. 🙂

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