21st July – A walk in two parts

21st July – Wild Turkey, originally uploaded by sephiroth.blog.

Part 1 – The (Sub)urban Explorer – no photos; total 4563 steps, 3.65 km (which might include some extra steps related to riding in a car).

Today we had to go down to a nearby city to pick up our dollar which might lead to a nice payout in a couple of weeks, and we always get there early so that we’re up to the front of the line. However, it just so happened that I knew that the location we were at was close to a shop I wanted to check out – CVS Pharmacy. So, I said that while everyone was waiting in line, I was gonna have a walk around the block. I get to the CVS, walk around the store, looking, almost futilely, for anything to do with aromatherapy. As has happened with just about every single store that I’ve gone to, they had none. I looked up and down each aisle – the closest thing I saw were massage oils – totally different to what I was looking for – essential oils.

As it so happened, I needed to use the bathroom. Apparently not only do they not carry aromatherapy products, this particular location doesn’t have a bathroom. I wound up walking out not buying anything, and going across the street to the conveniently located McDonalds – it was in and out and I got finished with the walk. That accounted for about half of the total, the other half was from wandering around a grocery store for a while.

Part 2 – On a Familiar Route – see photo above; total – 4498 steps; 3.59km

After doing some yardwork for a while and working on the lawnmower, I went for my regular walk, this time not doing the loop route, but instead just walking into the main open area and then heading back. One major difference between the walks was that the second one was much more strenuous than the first – mostly because there’s terrain I have to follow with this walk. The other one was on almost dead level ground, and paved with concrete.

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