22nd July – Some more flowers

22nd July – Some more flowers, originally uploaded by sephiroth.blog.

These flowers are just about everywhere on my path.

Today was quite interesting however, because I wound up getting chased (somewhat) by a dog – it was more a case of it approached me, checked me out, went away, came back, went away, came back and started barking, at which point its owner finally got it to get away from me. I have to say that, although I am a dog owner, it spooked me somewhat – mostly because I wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t know if there was someone with it until after it started barking at me. I wound up swearing a bit under my breath on my way back after that.

The path was the usual; distance 5084 steps, 4.06km.

Just a note – this is going to be the last daily posting of the walking photos. I know that it could get boring for y’all to read the daily travels (not that it’s uninteresting, but it’s repetitive, and it could lead to me posting only the photos each day, like I had done the last couple of days). However, don’t worry because I’ll be posting the photos, along with the logs, once a week, along with a progress report on how I’m going along.

4 thoughts on “22nd July – Some more flowers

  1. Are you likely to see the same dog on future walks? I mean, does the dog and owner live on your path, or was this more an unfortunate coincidence?

  2. Julie – It’s the most practical way of keeping myself honest with walking every day, and it’s a way to improve my photographic skills. My camera is over three years old now, and it still works great after over 20,000 photos πŸ™‚

    RaJ – Probably not; I don’t know where the dog even came from, and I didn’t recognise the owner. I’d just mark it up as a coincidence (not totally unfortunate, just surprising).

    Alynda – There’s always the TV, I’m sure there’s some kind of scenery on the Foxtel, if you have that… πŸ˜‰

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