About the downtime

If you’ve been trying to get here over the last couple of hours or so, you’ve seen a 404 error. The reason that this is happening is that I signed up for Google Apps, which should have allowed me to get Gmail on my domain. It did, even if I didn’t get a chance to send any emails.

I thought that it was going to be great – I’d have email accounts on my domain, and some other extras. What they don’t say is that it breaks your blogger custom hosting address.

So, I’ve gotten rid of Google Apps, after only about half an hour of using it. If they can’t get the left hand to work with the right hand, then why offer both services if one breaks the other?

2 thoughts on “About the downtime

  1. Seem like early adopters often suffer such vagaries. A few months from now, maybe longer, they’ll have it all sorted out. But you’re right, the offering makes little sense. At least they could have made it clear how using the one would effectively prevent you from using the other.

  2. It would have been nice to have known it before I signed up – at least that way I’d have turned off what caused the problem. Technically, the blogger-on-your-domain program is newer, but they should have thought one of them out before starting it…

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