Creepy 250th

Well, I had been thinking to post about TV advertising during sporting events, but I got interrupted.

Now, for me interruption is a regular thing; I’m someone who will jump back and forth between things, then find something else to look at, and so on and so forth. However, I usually manage to get back to where I started, even if it is some time later. This time, the interruption made me stop and focus on the reason why I was interrupted.

This wasn’t a direct interruption (i.e. someone coming up to talk to me or my wanting to pause and interact with something), but one where I had to pay attention to what was going on. When I’m on the computer, I have a decent view of my surroundings – I have an approximately 135-degree field of vision to the outside. Tonight, I spotted someone walking in what is, essentially, the back property line carrying only a flashlight (torch), and checking out where they’re going.

At the time, I just paused to look and keep an eye on the light. I heard some noises coming from the path this is there – just some footsteps was all it was, and then soon after, the light disappeared.

It was about then that I started to turn off anything that emitted light inside the house (i.e. monitor, desk lamp, TV) to eliminate reflections blocking my view of the outside, and turn off the fan I have on for some circulation so that I could hear better. I also turned on one of our outside lights, but I could not see anything.

After about five minutes or so of looking outside and not seeing anything, I decided that I could safely go back to the computer and turn the lights on again. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a very bright light and, let me tell you, my heart almost stopped. I thought for sure that this person was right next to the house and ready to climb through one of the windows.

Fortunately, my panic subsided after the lights moved in the all-too-familiar pattern of a car travelling up the road (for reference, cars coming towards the house go up, cars going away go down), and I started to breathe again.

Another minute passes and I see the light again. This time I’m quicker with the lights-out routine, and I catch a glimpse of something that reassures me that this person isn’t going to suddenly run to the house and do who knows what to me. A reflective vest. The only people I know who wear them in this area, while carrying flashlights, are railroad employees. I’m not sure why they were walking on the tracks as I turned the scanner on and didn’t hear anything from the usual frequencies (however, I might have unknowingly locked out the channels that get used when I was doing searches during times of skip).

To top it all off, as I am writing this, I still had the scanner on, and it locked in on some white noise, and I got spooked again. And I’m not going to activate anything that will cause sudden noises (such as an egg timer which just went off) for the rest of the night I think….