Fingers crossed..

Although I did write the how-to to get a blogger feed integrated with Feedburner, it seems that I have had nothing but trouble with getting my feed to properly forward.

Half of the time, it does work right, but more recently, I’ve been finding that the feed doesn’t forward properly at all, and that I’m not able to take advantage of the stats offered by Feedburner. In fact, Bloglines haven’t even checked with Feedburner since Friday, instead just using the site feed that is here.

I’ve gone and reverified the settings, reset the forwarding and it appears to work now. I can only hope that it will continue to work, but right now my confidence isn’t terribly great with the stability of the service.

Interestingly, though, Google has been pinging Feedburner on its own, but I hadn’t seen any of the posts come through with the feedflares on them.

So, my fingers are crossed that it will work, otherwise I’ll try other ways to get it to work properly..

2 thoughts on “Fingers crossed..

  1. Something seems to come unglued between Bloglines and feeds on a too-regular basis. Doesn’t seem like anything a user can fix, either, though the problems do seem to be self-correcting (given enough time).

  2. I’ve noticed that it’s getting better now, but I did have a whole bunch of posts from my blog show up again the other day. I think the quick-fix blogger had for the feedburner problem solved the issue.

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