Hi, I’ve linked to you…

This can probably be filed under the “I wouldn’t have known about it if I wasn’t asked about it” file. Up until tonight, one of the things that those of us weren’t keen about Blogger was that you can’t send trackbacks like almost any other blogging software.

However, thanks to being asked by Snoskred if it was possible, I went out and searched for a way to be able to do it, and managed to quickly find a way to do it.

First, I had found a way that apparently works with the old version of blogger, so that turned out to not work so good, so I did another search and wound up at Andy Beard’s site where he discussing just this issue. As it turns out, all you need in order to enable trackbacks is Greasemonkey, which enables you to change just about any web site to suit your needs.

Anyway, to get started with using this, visit the blog of the creator of this script, click “Install the new script” link. A prompt will come up asking if you want to do it, so Accept it, and you’re set. You should see this the next time you log in to blogger –