Meet the New(ish) Grill

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in the possibility of getting a free grill. Of course, not being one to miss the opportunity to receive free stuff, I said sure. Last Monday comes around and I get a call that we’re supposed to pick up the grill.

Of course, it didn’t fit in the car pre-assembled, so it was taken almost all the way apart (as in taking the legs off, but keeping the actual grill together), and then brought home for me to reassemble. Amazingly, I almost got it all the way right – I managed to put the cross piece for the left side on the right, and the one that’s supposed to be on the right isn’t on the grill at all (and if you ask me, I’m not sure how the piece on the left is supposed to fit with the tank there). Nevertheless, it does stand on its own and is fairly stable, though it is susceptible to some back-to-front motion.

Last week’s rain had an effect on the grill, as for almost two full days after it stopped, I couldn’t get the thing started up, and then on Sunday, it started up with no hassles at all.

The first meal cooked on the grill was chicken breasts with potatoes (and a couple of mushrooms). The chicken breasts were marinated for a short time in a combination of olive oil, lime juice and lemon juice – plus some garlic powder. Can you tell I’ve fallen in love with this way of making chicken? I’m prone to do it somewhat often now. 🙂

The potatoes were washed, sliced and coated with olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper. In the process of cooking the food, I only lost two slices of potato to the grates because I was a dork and was grabbing the slices on the sides instead of coming in from the front. The end result wasn’t terribly bad, though it tasted like something that I made on the stove instead of on a grill – but that’s just because I’m used to charcoal grilling and haven’t readjusted to gas grilling yet.

And here are some photos 😉

The chicken has just been put on the grill, and I’m experimenting with placing the potatoes on different racks.

The chicken’s almost done now, and most of the potatoes have been taken off of the grill.

And here’s the dinner platter – the leftover chicken made a nice salad on Monday. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Meet the New(ish) Grill

  1. Thiru – it was really good 😉

    Snos – I’m kinda looking forward to maybe using the grill in the winter. Who knows, maybe an Aussie Christmas? 😉

    Cugat – I’ve always liked the fuel, but I’m adjusting to gas cooking now. Last night I was thinking, I could run the charcoal grill, but then I looked at the grass and thought “ah bugger it, I’m lazy” 😉

    Thanks y’all 🙂

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