PayPerPost – a way to make some extra cash

Note: This post is a sponsored post.

A while ago, I had spotted a bunch of posts on a blog marked as “PPP” and they mentioned a thing about “Pay Per Post” – as it turns out, this person was getting paid for posting about products and services that they may or may not use. At the time, I was still relatively new to blogging, so I didn’t think much about signing up, but then a few months later, I took another look at the idea of getting paid to blog. As it turns out, there are quite a few services that you can sign up for, but one of the quickest to get started going with is payperpost – all you need to do is sign up, put in your blog’s information and within the space of a day or two, you can start earning money. Pretty nice, eh?

However, if you’re looking to use just payperpost to make all your money online, you really should consider diversifying your options, just like a good investor. Also, if you don’t have a Google PageRank or Alexa rating yet – you will be limited in your opportunities; however, as you start blogging and getting yourself out there to do blog marketing, that will get itself sorted over time.

If you haven’t checked out payperpost yet, it might be for you – just a couple of opportunities a month can pay your blog’s hosting for that month alone, depending on how much it costs. Or, you can set it aside and get something really nice for you – if it were me, I’d buy myself an HD card for my computer, or get some hosting for my blog. 🙂