They’ve changed my store!

We had to make a quick run to the local grocery store – one which has not changed much over the six years that they’ve been open for business in this location – to find that they’ve gone and changed a lot of things around. They must have had a consultant come in and tell them that the current layout wasn’t working out for them.

Personally, I think a lot of the “soul” has been taken out of the store since they took out a couple of the things that made it unique. You might need a diagram to figure this out, so I’ll put one at the bottom of the post; it’s not that great of a drawing, but it will do. 😉

The first thing that they did was to make all the non-frozen aisles straight. Originally, the store had the pet products section in its own, for the lack of a better term, alcove. On the other side they had the health and beauty section (noticeably lacking any aromatherapy products). It all worked for six years. Now, they’ve gone and made all those aisles straight like almost every single other store in the area.

The other major cosmetic change that they made was to take out a set of diagonal aisles where they had the bread, magazines, and more recently, a $1 section; again, something that had been there for six years.

And as you may expect, they moved a lot of stuff around in the store, making some, shall we say, interesting pairings. For example, all the prepackaged meal kits (like the bake-in-bag high sodium chicken, and the other pre-mixed seasoning packets), have been moved from their location near the meat to the other end of the store by the bakery, next to the relocated bread. In its place, they put the school and office supplies.

Then, they put all the $1 stuff in the same aisle as the coffee and tea, which was moved to the other side of the frozen foods from where they originally were. They also took a display of supplements and put them in the aisle with the other vitamins and painkillers. I can’t actually remember many of the other specifics right now, but I do know that they didn’t add aromatherapy products to their stocks – I made sure to check fairly thoroughly. 🙂

My initial reaction? Waah, I don’t like change, why’d you have to change it, where the hell is the bread? etc. I think it’ll take about 6 weeks or so to get readjusted to the new product placements, and I won’t have a problem with it anymore. Now, if they’d just quit raising prices all the time – considering that we paid $6.39 for 16 ounces (just under 500ml) of extra virgin olive oil, and the price of a lot of other stuff is up as well – things might not be so bad…

The old store

The new layout, it’s not quite done yet, and in both images, I missed the cereal aisle. (and I can’t be bothered to put it in there – it’s between the soup and the spices ;))

3 thoughts on “They’ve changed my store!

  1. I do hate getting used to a new grocery store. My preferred method is to get in and get out as quickly as possible, but in an unfamiliar space, that’s not so easy.

    And dude, if you’re looking for aromatherapy products, the supermarket is probably not going to have what you need, if in fact you do need aromatherapy products. I think Avon sells that stuff.

    As an alternative, if you need a good smell, I recommend standing over a pot of chili with lots of garlic and meat while drinking a beer. A cigar burning in the other room makes a nice complement too. But that’s just me.


  2. Snos – Well, I knew that if I got all pedantic, I’d wind up working all night on the graphics and not getting the post done, and you know what happens then… 😉

    Cugat – I’m going to refer you elsewhere about aromatherapy being available in the store, needless to say I’ve looked just about everywhere and haven’t found it (though I still haven’t been to the health food store yet). I like the chili and garlic, the beer and cigar wouldn’t go over too well here though. 😉

    Thanks y’all 😉

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