A walk in the park…

I live about half a mile from a park that has some extensive walking trails. It’s a great place to go, even if I do have to walk that half mile to get there. I like to go there and walk to just relax and think about things. Yesterday, my main thought though was that I needed to put on bug spray due to all the mosquitoes in the forest.

Something else that I started thinking about was something that is in my future and is something that I do think about from time to time – traveling overseas. Not so much what kinds of things I’d do while I was there, but really mundane things like the plane ride and the arrival at the airport. I then started thinking about people who go overseas and proceed to eat at a McDonald’s or KFC. I can understand going there and getting something unique to that country, but when you go there to order the same exact thing that you can get here, it kinda defeats the point of experiencing a place.

I did this the first time or two I walked over there last year, and I did it this time as well, but I took along a walkman so that I could listen to the radio. It took me about 30 seconds of hearing the sounds of the forest over the radio to make the decision to just take the thing off and enjoy the peace and (if you ignore the insects) quiet of the forest. A nice side effect of that as well is that after taking the headphones off, I was free to think about what I wanted to think about, not about what was on the radio.

And here are some photos for y’all –

This is the path that leads from the main road to the actual trails.

The main trail splits here; the path to the left is a shortcut around the trees, while the gravel path (the main trail) goes through the trees.

This is a general view of part of the park from a bench that’s located right off of the main path

Lastly, a photo of the sun breaking through some of the foliage above the bench. No, I didn’t look at the sun while I was taking the photo πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A walk in the park…

  1. I’d love to take this walk in the park and listen to the sounds of Nature. This is the way to restore the soul.

  2. Great pictures. And I know what you mean about choosing “silence” – or at least ambient sounds – over a radio, or even music. Sometimes better to let thoughts roam free, eh.

  3. kuanyin – It is a really nice place to go – I have yet to see another person walking around (probably because I go up there on weekdays; I’ll have to go on a Saturday morning and see if it’s different)

    Snos – It is πŸ˜‰

    RaJ – Thanks, and yep, ambient usually beats out artificial. Unless there’s a jackhammer nearby πŸ˜‰

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