The week in walks, etc.

Monday, 23rd July

This feather (presumably from one of the wild turkeys) is along the path that leads into the main part of the park.

I’m growing into the pattern of using the regular path. It’s not too bad, and quite a workout. There’s another path that I might head down to explore sometime soon. Since it was Monday, I went back to walking in the morning. On most days, it’s the first thing that I do after I get out of bed.

Total distance – 4,999 steps, 3.99km

Tuesday, 24th July

This is one of the more, well, interesting insects that are out in the park. Does anyone know what it might be?

It was the regular route again, though things were a touch easier since there was a bit of cloud in the area, however not a lot. On my way back, I spotted a strange sight – a van sitting on the side of the road. At first glance, I thought it was a van from the phone company, but there were no (from a distance) discernible markings on the van. Not knowing what it was, I didn’t immediately go into my house, but went for a closer look, and as it turned out, the van was actually from the railroad. The really strange thing is that the whole time that they were there, the side doors were open fully. I think they know that the people around here won’t go scavenging in their van. 🙂

Total distance – 5205 steps 4.16km

Wednesday, 25th July

Your friendly mosquito – just before it went to its fate for landing on a human…..

This was the first day that I’ve experienced something other than partly or mostly sunny skies. In fact, it was lightly raining, but that did not change anything as I just put my hat on, and put the camera away until the rain stopped, which it did not long after I started. I took the normal route.

Normal route, 5301 steps, 4.24km

Thursday, 26th July

An early touch of fall shows itself as this tree has changed colors, only in this one small area. Some yellow in a sea of green. 🙂

I took a shorter route, the same one that I did on Saturday, going into the park, and then back out, as opposed to the loop routes that I usually take. As it happened, it was a good choice with regards to the weather. When I went out it was drizzling lightly and not enough to be a hindrance to walking. However within about five minutes of getting in the house, it started to pour and we also had some thunder and lightning.

Total distance – 4358 steps, 3.48km

Friday, 27th July

Water hangs off of the pine trees after a lot of rain the night before, compounded by the fact that the air still has a lot of moisture in it.

I did something that I should have been doing since I started walking in the forest – used bug spray. It was probably the most peaceful walk I’ve had so far in terms of the bugs, and in fact I managed to encounter a horse on the trail. Yes, it was being ridden by its owner, and they had a dog along with them. The dog couldn’t have cared less about me. I took the long route, even though it was a little wet after all the rain we had on Thursday night.

Long route, horse, 5303 steps, 4.24km

Saturday, 28th July

One of the many planes that fly overhead, moreso this week because of the world-famous EAA Fly-In AirVenture that’s going on to the north of here this week.

After all the rain we’d gotten over the last couple of days, one would expect that the humidity would have gone down. However, it didn’t (and isn’t expected to for a while). I did the regular route and had some fun swatting at mosquitoes.

Total distance – 4929 steps, 3.94km

Sunday, 29th July

A broken tree lays over the trail, almost at the bottom of the miniature valley. This is about 40 feet or so down from the road level.

Today, I took some time to explore one of the off-shoot routes I’ve been passing on the “regular” path. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without having bug spray on, as the mosquitoes were very aggressive as I went deeper into the forest. I almost got lost when I took a shortcut and turned right instead of left. Fortunately, I only went about 10 feet down the wrong path before realizing that I was going too far the wrong way; I turned around and found my way back out.

In other news, I have been making sure to take my medicine every evening; I do notice that it does work in that I do get drowsy soon after taking it. Also, I am averaging about four to five liters of water a day; it does seem a lot, but since I have a larger body, I need more water to maintain a proper level of hydration. As far as my volunteering goes, I haven’t received any word back from the organization that I’ve contacted about volunteering, so I am going to look for other opportunities in the area that I’m looking at – I know that there should be a lot available.

My goals for the week are to contact at least three organizations concerning volunteering for them. Also, I need to get in touch with the local Mental Health clinic to get the ball rolling on counseling. The other thing that I’m starting to work on is getting myself to bed earlier as I have gotten into a bad habit of staying up until I am literally falling asleep in my chair. Of course, I will be walking every day, and I want to make it so that I’m out there as early as possible in the day as the forecasts are saying that the temperature is supposed to get up into the 90s (Fahrenheit – that’s mid-30s C). Getting to bed earlier can only help in that cause.

4 thoughts on “The week in walks, etc.

  1. Hey wow, that’s awesome…cool walk, and lots of steps!

    The red insect is interesting. I hope you find out what it is!

  2. Fantastic pictures. And way to go on the full-up week.

    Also I think your mosquitoes are bigger than their Florida cousins. Spray on!

  3. Snos – Cheers mate 🙂

    Julie – I hope I find out what it is as well! 😉

    RaJ – I heard on the radio that the mosquitoes apparently aren’t as bad about 10 miles to the south of here…for some reason I don’t believe those reports 😉

    Thanks y’all 🙂

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