Take a walk for a good cause

Note: This is a sponsored post.

One of the emerging health problems facing the US today is Alzheimer’s Disease, especially as the average age of our population goes up. It is a condition that receives some attention, especially when a famous person is affected by the disease; the most notable case being President Reagan. There is one organization who are making an effort to get the word out there about the disease, along with finding ways of defeating it.

The Alzheimer’s Association has been in existence since 1979, and every year since 1989, they have been holding Memory Walks across the country, raising in excess of $225 million for Alzheimer’s research and support for the people who have been affected by the disease. While I do not have anyone in my immediate family who has the disease – I’ve seen its effect on actual patients and their families.

In fact, one place that touched very well on the disease and its effects was the TV show The West Wing – where CJ, the Press Secretary, had a father who was affected by the disease. It was the focus of an episode from season 4 – The Long Goodbye, where she has to go home and handle the effects the disease has already had on her father, including the fact that his wife has left him.

Memory Walk

Over the next two months, over 600 Memory Walks will be held, including two in my immediate vicinity – I’ve seen the banners for the walk in previous years around the area it is held in but haven’t looked into any of the details of the actual walk. Right now, the Alzheimer’s Association is looking for people to sign up as a Team Captain for the Memory Walk.

What being a team captain involves is leading a group of approximately ten other people in raising funds for the walk, and to rally support – either from the general community, or from within the group you’ve recruited your team members from. They could be the people you work with, your neighbors, your friends – anyone; all they need is an interest to help out for a good cause.

Also, as a team captain, you get some experience with being a team leader, a team player, and also some basic management skills – great things to have on a resume to send to potential employers – it could help make the difference between getting that job or being passed over. It also shows that you’re willing to be a leader within your community and willing to take the initiative to get something started that you may not have done in the past.

On the page to sign up as a Team Captain, the Alzheimer’s Association has all the information you need – where the walks are located, tips on how to set goals for your team. If you do decide to sign up, you will have access to tools that will allow you to make a website for your team. You can then use that website as a headquarters for your team’s fundraising operations.

I haven’t decided whether I am going to do the walk or not, but if you’re interested in signing up, definitely go for it! I have done a couple of other similar walks in the past, and they have been a lot of fun – even if I didn’t finish the complete distance. One thing about the Memory Walks is that they’re relatively short – 2-3 miles, or, about the same amount of walking I’m already doing on a daily basis. However, it’s not all about the distance – it’s all about raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.