This was the Week that Was, Vol. 10

This post marks a couple of milestones – first, this is the tenth edition of This was the Week that Was, and it’s also the 300th post for the blog. It’s taken a little bit over a year to get there, but things go on. 🙂

Posts I liked –

New Blogs I’m reading in Google Reader
None – I’ve actually cleared out a lot of blogs from my reader for a variety of reasons – either they’ve disappeared, I’ve lost touch with them, or a few other reasons. I’ll be going through my links list during the week and getting that sorted out – I’ve set Wednesday aside to do that

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –

This week around the blog, there were 250 visitors – an average of 36 a day; approximately 80 of those were from stumbling my Tuesday Think Tank post.

Search terms –

squeezo recipes – About the only thing I know how to do with a squeezo is to make tomato puree, which you can use to make tomato sauce – just add some onion, garlic and green pepper (capsicum) and simmer for a couple of hours, stirring regularly until the correct consistency is reached. Put into jars and process for approximately 35-40 minutes.
dilana nude – still no luck on that, eh? 😉
hp pavilion n5475 fan – it sucks! It’s made noise almost from day one, I think that it has something to do with a ball bearing or something. I’m not 100% sure. I usually put a fan under it to force cool air into the processor.
stupid computer repair synonyms – uh, maybe system unmalfunctioning? Or what about Deprobleming the Mainframe?

This week, I told you all about RSS, discussed my good neighbors. I also talked about one of my favorite TV shows and took a day to write (and give a tip).

Coming up, I’ll discuss the vast array of changes you can make to a blogger template. Also the Hump Day Hmm for this week is all about school – it can be about anything to do with schooling, I’m going to take a look at the “required shopping” lists that are out for the area. There’s some strange stuff on them!

So, for now, til next week y’all. 😉

2 thoughts on “This was the Week that Was, Vol. 10

  1. Congrats on getting 300 posts, that is certainly amazing! I like the title “The week that was” and thanks for the link love too.

  2. gnomey – Thanks! When I started I didn’t know how far I’d get, but now I’m posting every day, it’s quite a turn around. And I’m all about the link love 😉

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