The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 4

Sunday and time to recap the week of walks, and my journey.

Monday, 13th August

A branch that had landed in the middle of the path; I did move it out of the way – well, most of it as it broke apart when I picked it up.

If today is what walking will be like in fall, I’m all for it. It was nice and cool and there was a good breeze today, which made the walk very pleasant. I decided to do a “grand rounds” walk, where I walked the long path, up to the parking lot, then through the soccer fields, and then down part of the same route I used on Thursday back to the “out” path to the road.

Total distance – 6385 steps, 5.10km

Tuesday, 14th August

I think I’ve shown this flower before, when it was in full bloom; clearly the heat has gotten to it and it’s getting ready to go to see.

It had rained (again) overnight, but it had fortunately stopped before I went out to walk, and everything was drying out. There was also a nice breeze that made things a little bit easier, even though I was really tired. I went along the reverse regular route, and did the diversion as well.

Total distance – 5332 steps, 4.26km

Wednesday, 15th August

This is the scene from the shortcut path I take to loop back to the park entrance/exit. You can see the soccer fields in the background on the right.

It rained all day today, and I had other stuff to get done, so I decided to wait the rain out before walking, and by the time I went to walk, pretty much everything had dried out, and since the sun wasn’t out and it was after 4pm, I didn’t wear my hat. I took the regular route, with the diversion.

Total distance – 4946 steps, 3.95km

Thursday, 16th August

The sun sets over the road, making a great sight for the camera, but not a really good one if you’re trying to have any visibility of oncoming traffic. 😉

This was the latest I’ve walked yet – even later than last Saturday. Of course, walking at 7 pm has its own unique challenge – not getting blinded by the sun. This is something that even the hat can’t do much to alleviate, the sun is that low. Of course, you then get further along and there’s no sun, which visibility a lot easier. I decided to do the long route, with a more standard return path to the ones I’ve been doing.

Total distance – 5830 steps, 4.66km

Friday, 17th August

The weed, posing for a picture. Ok, now that really sounds weird. Read on. 😉

The humidity had finally gone away, and it was a really pleasant day – so much so that I chose not to wear bug spray, and survived the walk. I also decided to settle a bit of a score I had with a plant – we have these plants called “creeping charlie” (or “creeping jenny”), which only have a purpose of choking other plants. Well, there was one that was accessible from along the road, and I decided it had to go (just in case you’re wondering, this is maybe 100m from the entrance to the park, so I’m assuming this is on public property), so I started to tear it off of the tree. I then made the (seemingly) bizarre decision to drag it around for a while, as if it were a bit of prey. I decided to let it go in a place where it couldn’t grow again.

Total Distance – 5498 steps, 4.39km

Saturday, 18th August

Some flowers growing in the shoulder of the road, with a few drops of rain already collected.

The forecast today was for rain, and boy were they right! When I made the decision to go out to walk, the radar said that rain was about 15 miles away. However, by the time I had gotten done with filling my water bottles, and doing some other errands around the house, the rain had just started. As I write this quite a few hours later, it hasn’t stopped raining since then. Although I did have the umbrella, it was raining hard enough for it to start bringing a couple of drops through the top of the umbrella and drip on me – a minor inconvenience when compared to being completely soaked. 😉 I went along the regular route today.

Total distance – 4890 steps, 3.91km

Sunday, 19th August

A panorama of one of the corners in the park. Size: 1.14MB

Again, it’s been raining – I think it stopped for a little while today, but when I went out, it was raining moderately – they’re saying that we could have upwards of 5″ of rain overnight. The TV forecasts look like a forecast for snow with the amounts they’re saying we’re gonna get. But like I said, the rain didn’t deter me; nor did the wind or the fact that it was just over 15°C (60°F). The interesting thing is that with all the rain, when you’re in the forest, it is very loud, that you can barely hear yourself think. I’d share a video, but again, Blogger isn’t working, and I have no idea how to contact them to fix the problem like they suggest. I’ve used the “Blogger is down” option – that got a contact form…let’s see how it goes 😉

Total distance – 5451 steps, 4.36km

In other news, I went to volunteer on Thursday, I won’t post a whole account of that just yet, I’ll save that for a post I’m going to write up for later this week. All I’ll say for now is that I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and met some great people. 🙂

I also managed to get all of my walks written up on the day that I’ve taken them. I’ve also been good on not staying up too late, though I haven’t been perfect. It’s just one more step on my journey.

This week, I’m going to work on making some good habits for myself – particularly in relation to this blog. I have had so many times when I get to, say, 9 pm and haven’t posted anything. My goal for this week is to have my posts all finished no later than 4pm. I could go later than that, but then I’m only giving myself the opportunity to faff around and wait until the last minute before posting. I’m also working towards being more organized than I already am – I’ve somehow managed to get my desktop down to a paltry 7 folders and the recycle bin – no shortcuts to programs, or web links on my desktop.

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