The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 5

It’s time again to recap the week in walking, along with the other changes in my world. As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger. 😉

Monday, 20th August

Another shot of some of the beads of water hanging off the needles of a pine tree; you can also see some of the webbing created by a spider.

Yet another wet day, but it wasn’t too wet. When I started. On Sunday I had noticed a tree that was somewhat across the regular path, and as it happened, the tree had fallen completely across the path, so I went ahead and moved it out of the way. It’s now sitting at the side of the path. However, by the time I was coming back, the rain had begun to intensify and the wind was getting a bit stronger, so I gave up on the umbrella and let myself get wet. 😉

Total Distance 5121 steps, 4.09km

Tuesday, 21st August

Another of the flowers along the pathway, as you can see, the sun was actually out for a few minutes..

Yay! It wasn’t wet today, finally! The mosquitoes weren’t that bad either – though I’m expecting them to be pretty nasty tomorrow with the higher temperatures expected. I decided to go along the long route, and use a version of the grand rounds route, going around and then cutting back through a route which cut down on my stepping through high, wetter, grass.

total distance: 5926 steps, 4.74km

Wednesday, 22nd August

A butterfly and another insect occupy the same flower.

Amazingly, the sun was out today! However, that made it hot outside and quite humid, so it was a bit of a challenge to walk – I just had to drink some extra water while walking. I walked the regular route, with the diversion. I was quite sweaty, but it all went well. 😉

Total distance – 5013 steps, 4.01km

Thursday, 23rd August

I think this is a moth, but I’m not 100% sure – they’re fairly prevalent, and tend to be really small when they close their wings.

On Wednesday night, there were some big storms that blew through the area – and they caused a lot of damage, including a lot of branches in the road. Fortunately, by the time that I went to walk, most of the branches had been cleared to the side of the road. However, in the park, there was a branch that had fallen on one of the paths, and in fact a whole tree had fallen into the path of one of the holes of the disc golf course that is there. I went along the reverse regular route, with the diversion.

Total distance – 5314 steps, 4.25km

Friday, 24th August

Uh, yeah, this was taken with the flash – at 7.45pm. Like I said, it was quite dark by that time – likely due to there not being any sun to help out a little bit.

This is what I get for not walking until after I eat dinner. 😉 First, I get asked why am I going to walk so late – simple, I hadn’t walked earlier in the day. It was after 7pm when I started walking. Everything was fine for most of the “out” leg of the walk, but I started having troubles seeing when I was in the middle of the forest – growing darkness combined with humidity fogging up my glasses led to me taking off the glasses, putting them in my pocket, and moving along carefully.

As I was heading out of the forest, I could barely see anything, but there was still just enough light to tell where I was going, though I was starting to lose sight of things. I then decided that, while it wasn’t raining anymore, I’d use my umbrella as a visibility assist on the road. Fortunately, no cars came in the lane I was in, though one did to the other way. When I was on the final approach to the house, I then heard calling for me from the house, so I replied by calling on the phone 😉

By the time I got back to the driveway, it was hard to discern the lines on the road further away than about 20 meters. I’ll definitely make sure to get out there earlier now 😉

Total distance – 5423 steps, 4.33km

Saturday, 25th August

Some of the damage that the storms did on the long route.

On Thursday, I had decided that I would do two ‘reverse’ routes – then I did the reverse regular with the diversion, and today I did the reverse long route. The thing about the path I take is that it’s normally equally balanced between uphill and downhill. However, it just seemed that going this way was a lot of uphill, and not so much downhill, especially when I went up a very steep hill that I had only gone down before. Nevertheless, it was a good walk. I even managed to find a stick that could be used as a walking stick – it’s got all the bark off of it, but I’d have to do a little work on shortening it, since it’s almost 8 feet long.

Total distance – 5500 steps, 4.40km

Sunday, 26th August

A turkey shows its legs behind a tree – it wasn’t there a few seconds later.

It all started out well, but then a little bit into the walk, I had to go over to the other side of the road due to a motorcyclist stopped at the side of the road – he wasn’t in trouble, he just wanted to watch the train that was there. After that, it was a normal walk along the regular route (the diversion I’ve been taking has become regular now ;)). However, I did spot a snake slithering into the forest as I was making my way back around to head out.

Total distance – 5184 steps, 4.14km

In the other news, I’ve kept to my goal of having my posts made by 4pm each day. I’ve also started to work on getting them written ahead of time now. I didn’t go to volunteer this week, but I will be setting a day from now on to go volunteer, and sticking to that.

My goal for this week is to keep up the work on having the blogs posted early in the day; I am also going to write up a proposal to establish a website for an organization that I’m a part of; it had been started by someone else, but never got to its completion. The biggest challenge, I think, will be finding a decent domain name – the most direct ones are already taken. Another goal for this week will be to have somewhere between five and ten posts prewritten, or at least started 😉