What do readers click on?

Note: This is a sponsored post.

One of the biggest challenges facing bloggers is getting your readers to click the links you want them to click. For example, I can post a link to a site and say that it’s the best thing that I’ve ever seen. I might even quote a bit of the site in a post. However, only one or two people will actually click on that link. If you take the number of people who click on a link and divide that by the total number of visitors to your site, you get a Click Through Rate, abbreviated to CTR in the business. For most sites and advertisers, a CTR of 0.5-2% is considered good. If it’s higher, then you must be doing something right.

PayPerPost falls into that group of advertisers doing things right. They’ve done a study and it has shown that, on average, sponsored posts have a 10.545% CTR. If you think of that in sheer numbers, that means that if your site has 1000 visitors, 105 of them will likely click on a link in an sponsored post. Of course, there are some posts and sponsors that do better and some that do worse, but to have a 10.545% average is amazing.

If you’re curious what kind of links your visitors are clicking on, you can use Site Meter’s free tracker, but you must use the JavaScript version. The problem with that is they insert an iframe which will set cookies for a site called specificclick.net – a site that will track your movements across the web – unless you block them from sending you data, which you can do with Adblock or Adblock Plus for Firefox. For now, I’ve turned off the Javascript version, but I’m considering turning it back on. As much as I dislike them having sold out and put extra tracking information on your computer, they do have some decent stats including the outgoing click tracking.

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  1. I’m not sure why it is; it might be that some bloggers aren’t always totally open about the paid posts. In that case, it looks like the post is just like another post, so you’ll click on the links more readily. I’ve seen it quite often where the notice that a post is paid comes only at the end. I will always be clear when a post is sponsored. I’ll make a note of it and I’ll also not use any labels.

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