You Wanted to See It

A long time ago, I had mentioned someone looking for a video of a truck using an escape ramp. That request was echoed by Radioactive Jam. As it so happened, I flipped on the National Geographic Channel today, and they had a show on about the science behind runaway vehicles.

The first segment mentioned the well-known (at least if you’ve watched those John Bunnell police chase shows) PIT maneuver – which usually ends a police pursuit. The case they mentioned featured someone from the Washington State Patrol PITting someone, but since he didn’t have access to the local PD’s frequencies, he couldn’t coordinate with them on how to sort out the chase. So the bad guy got away. I’m just curious why they didn’t have the local channels available to them – here, the State Patrol is heard frequently on local Police and Sheriff frequencies. I guess it’s different in Washington.

Anyway, the last segment of the show featured the Runaway Truck ramps, and their science. They also featured a truckie who was forced into using a runaway truck ramp, and she says straight out that if it weren’t for the ramp, she would have rolled the truck down a mountain.

All in all, it’s an interesting video to watch. I think that’s why National Geographic is one of my favorite channels on cable. 😉

2 thoughts on “You Wanted to See It

  1. I can barely imagine how she must have felt when she realized her brakes were failing. Oy!

    Great clip, glad you shared it.

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