An example of disorganization

A few days ago I was tagged by Meg for a meme called the Blog Improvement Zone. She tagged me because I’m getting my world more organized.

However, there are some stumbling blocks to my organization. I’m not saying that it’s an excuse as to why I’m not already more organized, but once you see it, you understand why I’m working towards changing this one thing.

This is a picture of my desk as it is right now. I will say that it has improved greatly over the past when I had a CRT on it (over on the right hand side of the desk, over the lower compartments), however, as you can see it doesn’t take a lot of stuff to make the desk cluttered.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a major cleanup of the desk, throwing out a lot of junk because I looked at the area around the desk, looked at the mess that the desk was in, and it made me feel really blah. It was right there when I realized that the thing that is holding me back from a lot of stuff is actually my desk – it’s too small and inefficient for me to be able to reach my maximum productivity.

An interesting thing about this desk is that it is the same exact desk that we’ve had ever since we bought our first computer over 13 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was supposed to be a sort of corner desk with a small piece connecting the main desk to a printer table at a ninety degree angle, a feature we never took advantage of.

A few years later, we decided to get a new desk that was larger due to us having a larger monitor that didn’t exactly fit onto the old desk. This was a really nice desk – a proper corner desk with a keyboard drawer and plenty of room to move around in. It also had a nice side shelf on the left side and an open space on the right side, which was useful to put things like a VCR (and this was in the days before I had a TV card).

When my brother moved out, however, it was around the time that I was heading off to college, so there wasn’t a real need for the desk to be here anymore, so we let him have it. I think that he still has it, but I haven’t asked if he’s still using it or not.

Where I go to volunteer, I’ve worked the last couple of times at a desk that is a full corner desk, fitting into a space of about 8 or 9 feet square, and the surface is about two feet deep. I have room on that desk to spread things out and work on them. However, a quick measurement of this desk reveals that it is a little over 3.5 feet wide by 1 foot 11 inches deep.

I have the computer on a small table to the right of the desk and on my immediate left is a couch which winds up being a dumping ground for other stuff I’ve used such as newspapers and books. We’re thinking of moving a table out here to take the place of the couch, the only problem being that the table is appreciably higher than the desk – I can deal with that though.

However, I am now saving up to either build my own desk or buy a kit to build a desk. I have a draft drawing of the size I want the desk to be – if I keep it as I have it now, it will be a massively huge desk – approximately three or four feet deep and filling an area of 11 feet square. Needless to say, I’ll have to reduce the size I want in order for it to fit into the space I have for it. I haven’t even started to think about materials or even how the desk is going to hold its own weight.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has tips of where to find a good desk plan (that’s free preferably), or if you have an idea of a desk that might be a good fit for me (what I’m looking for is a corner desk with the monitor in the corner part, and the option of having a keyboard shelf – preferably wide enough to have the mouse down there as well), please let me know where to find it.

And as far as the meme goes, I’ve discussed the thing that I’m going to change for my blog yesterday, but if you have any suggestions for what’s bugging you with this template, let me know. 😉