A helpful kind of guy

The topic for this week’s Hump Day Hmm.. is about How I Matter.

One of the most important ways that I matter is that I am a very helpful person, and always willing to be out there to help out. It’s something that I’ve shown quite often here on the blog, with offering to do how-tos for things that I might not know how to do before doing it, but learn how and share the information with everyone.

For me, it’s just second nature to lend a hand if someone asks; it’s not about my ego, it’s about giving the helping hand. Sure, if the helping out does result in some side benefits, I’ll usually accept it, but it really is about being a nice guy.

Outside of the blog world, I am also quite helpful around the house (even if the outside appearances might be different from the reality). I am usually the one who cooks dinner every night; I fill the gas tank in the car (considering that a couple of years ago I had no clue on how to do that, that is a big step for me). I also make sure that the trash is out by the road every week and go to get the mail in each day.

Most of the time, I am helpful in small ways, such as when I went to the clinic the other week, I offered to give up my chair for a lady who had her children and her mother with her. I didn’t have to do it, but in my mind, it was a case where I can see that she needs the seat more than I do, and I can always find another seat. A little bit of a side benefit for me was that she was a native Spanish speaker and had an interpreter with her, so I figured I could use a bit of my skills in the language to “show off” a little bit, but also to make things more comfortable for her, for which she was quite appreciative.

The most helpful thing that I’ve done recently is to assist my mom when she was recovering from a somewhat-minor surgery she had back in May. This surgery involved having to be mostly laid-up for a couple of days with a piece of equipment that kept the affected area cool and able to heal effectively. This meant that I’d need to go in and refill a small cooler with ice every couple of hours.

I will admit that it wasn’t the least stressful time, as it did get somewhat frustrating to be called in repeatedly for something that was forgotten, or for other reasons. I managed to make it through the recovery, and even was able to take the dressings off when it was time to remove them (even though I was quite squeamish about it).

The best part about being helpful is that I feel that I have put a good impression of myself on anyone I’ve come across. It’s something that I’m proud of, that’s for sure. It’s also something that I really like to do, because it does give me a good feeling, one that tells me that I do matter.

It’s also a major factor in why I do volunteer. As I had mentioned when I blogged about it, the folks that work there are very appreciative for the things that the volunteers come in and help out with. In fact, I’ve just phoned now to let them know that I’ll be in on Friday to volunteer all day.

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  1. Being able to reach out and recognize where people need help is one level of great. Stepping forward and acting on that is another. In the book I read she talked about “compassionate witnesses” which are basically people who help out in one way or another for someone going through a tough time. She said the recovery is faster and better and the scarring less when someone has a compassionate witness. I think you are one. That’s really valuable.

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