I can listen to the races, but…

Folks who have been watching the Nascar races over the last couple of weeks in this area have had no problem seeing them. Well, except for the last four laps of the Busch race at Bristol.

As far as hearing the action, I just have not been able to adjust to ESPN’s commentary crew – going into the season, there were somewhat high expectations, with them coming back after a six-year absence from Nascar coverage. It was expected that they’d have a high quality of coverage, but it just hasn’t seemed to click.

My choice has been now to do the old trick that we all do in this area for football – listen on the radio and watch the pictures on TV. By doing this, you generally get a better idea of what’s going on with the whole field instead of just the drivers the director decides to cover – and that’s usually a choice of: the leader, the points leader, or Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The problem is that over the last couple of weeks, the races have been at night. This means that it’s nearly impossible to find a good signal for the races, as one station that broadcasts races during the day is a daytime-only station and hand over the broadcast to a weaker station that’s hard to get during the day, and the other station goes down to something like 250 watts.

Last week, I wound up listening to WSM radio. From Nashville, which is about 800km (500 miles) in a straight line from where I am, mostly because I couldn’t get the FM station that is covering the race in clearly.

Luckily tonight, I can get the FM station (even though it is somewhat staticy) from about 50km (30 miles) away. At least there I can hear all the restarts… 😉

If you’re interested in following the discussion of the race broadcast, you can visit The Daly Planet.

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