I’ve got a good thing going…

…and you’re looking at it. I’ve put in a bit of hard work into making this blog all that it is right now, but there is a lot of work still to come.

When I started the blog, I kind of figured it’d be like my previous attempts at blogging – I’d be interested in it for a while, but then I’d get distracted by some random shiny object and give up on the blog. However, and a lot of thanks has to go to Snoskred for this, I have stuck it out and here I am today, posting every day and getting comments on almost every post I make now.

One of the areas that I’ve made the biggest progress in is getting out there into the blogging community. While I’m not the best participant in the community – I still have the tendency to be a lurker on blogs, and not make too many comments – it is a far cry from when I would only read blogs if I found them on the “next blog” button or in the unlikely chance that I had actually bookmarked them.

The biggest change in my participation in the blogging community came in November of last year when the NaBloPoMo challenge was going on. Between Snoskred and I, we had set ourselves the goal of commenting on every participating blog.

While we didn’t quite get to all of the blogs in the list, we did get through a large chunk of them and through it found some great blogs that are still read today. I am looking forward to getting the details of this year’s event, but so far there has been noting mentioned about it yet.

After NaBloPoMo, the blogging went along well until I actually did get distracted by shiny objects – mostly getting back into scambaiting and other things involved with that, which led me to forget about the blog almost completely. In fact, I went almost a whole month without posting anything because it wasn’t a focus for me at the time.

Then, in May, I started to get back into the blogging and really got into the community aspect of blogging by joining up with Bumpzee and creating the US Blogs Community. I’ve also, as I’d mentioned previously, gotten involved in commenting on more blogs regularly now than I had in the past.

However, the next change is coming soon, with moving this blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve been doing some learning on the platform over the last few weeks, and over the next week, I’m going to focus on getting the whole system down pat and transitioning this blog over to there.

What you’ll need to know about the transition is this – if you are subscribed to my FeedBurner feed, then there should be nothing in the change. Similarly, if you had subscribed to my feed when it was still on the blogspot address, that will remain forwarded to the FeedBurner address and not be an issue. If you have subscribed to my feed via this domain, then you will likely lose the feed (unless I can sort out a way to ensure that the address of the feed is properly forwarded).

During the transition, I will turn the publishing of this blog back to the Blogspot address and depending on how long it takes for your ISP to recognize the new location of the domain, the site will not be available for upwards of one to two days.

After the transition is complete, and dependent upon other factors (such as the possibility of me getting a job out of the house, I’ve not gotten any offers from anyone, but I’m keeping my options open and getting my name out there), I’ll be becoming more active within the blog community. I’ll also get my act together and get posts pre-written; I’ve already got ideas for posts for every day through next week Saturday with the exception of two days.

This week’s Hump Day Hmm.. is about A Good Thing Going. If you’ve not participated in the Hmm yet, next week’s topic is: “A challenge in my life and how it affected and affects me”. Of course, you can still get in on this week’s topic as well.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got a good thing going…

  1. This is a good thing…and your tech help gives out more good. I’m glad you feel proud of all you’ve accomplished. I don’t think we let ourselves do that enough.

    I will add in your link soon, I promise. I was gone most of the day.

    Using My Words

  2. Julie – Thanks for the kind words. I like being able to help out folks with techy things; I know how, so why not share the knowledge? 🙂

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