Looking for a place to chat?

Note: This post is a paid post

I’ve been active off and on in chat rooms for about nine years. Now, of course, there are other people who I know who have been around the chat scene ever since it started, but that’s their story. 😉

There have been a lot of different ways of being in chat rooms, from the bare-bones IRC server networks, to one-on-one environments like ICQ and AIM, and then to Yahoo Instant Messenger which was one of the first chat clients to include a variety of chat rooms right there in the messenger client.

However, over the last couple of years, chat systems have moved away from separate, downloaded, programs to being able to chat right in your browser. One of the newer services out there that provides these free chat rooms is wireclub.com.

Interestingly, aside from a chat site, wireclub also provides a sort of “lonely hearts” club by letting you know if a member is there for just to chat, or if they’re there to possibly start dating. Also, the site goes beyond just having chat, and into the web 2.0 world with the availability of clubs to join (literally everything from erotic discussions to almost any sport out there).

If you sign up, you will also be able to start a blog there, post photos of yourself in the gallery (which is only visible to registered members), participate in the forums, and of course, have access to the chat rooms.

For me, as a stats junkie, the most intriguing page on the site is the country listings, where they show profiles from the ten most active countries for the day. Not surprisingly, the most popular countries are the US and Canada, but usual suspects like India, Australia and the Philippines are there, but you also have three African countries represented today – Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa.

They’ve got a good setup going there, and the best part is that to use their services, you don’t even need to have extra software – it’s all based on javascript and html, no need to have Java running and taking up system resources.

If you’re into chatting with new people online, have a go with wireclub – it’s completely free and you might even meet some new friends there. 🙂