No Shopper’s Remorse for me today

I haven’t mentioned it here, but recently I got a voucher to an online clothes store which caters to folks who are more my size. A couple of hours ago, I heard the door open, followed by the sound of something being put on the floor. I went to investigate, and it turns out that my package had arrived!

Now, I knew it would come today, but I expected it to first get here at 5pm or later, so getting it at 1:30 was a pleasant surprise.

Here’s what I got:

From the left, a fleece windbreaker/light jacket (which is very roomy and will be really nice to walk in during late fall and winter), a pair of winter boots (fleece lining, fit nicely, made in Canada), hiking shoes, and a pair of pants which I haven’t tried on yet.

As I hadn’t taken my walk for the day before the stuff came, I put on the hiking shoes and they fit perfectly. In fact, you know how shoes usually require a bit of time to break in? These didn’t need that time – they were great to walk in. In fact, I took a longer walk than I had before, but more on that Sunday. 😉

I also tried one of the boots on and I can tell you now that they will be lovely during winter.

Tomorrow, I should be getting another parcel delivered. It’s like my birthday has come early. Well, not really early, since it’s on Tuesday.

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