The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 10

Note: Like last week, I’m posting this before the Sunday walk. Check back in about 3 hours for the Sunday walk write-up and the In Other News section…

Monday, 24th September

Looking back towards the parking lot of the park from the road leading to the entrance/exit.

It was a warmer day, and I made a really bad decision. I went out of the park and around the long way, up the road that I go under to get to the park. That led to me having to slide down a big hill very slowly. Not an experience I’m going to be repeating anytime soon, unless I want to take a really long walk.

Total distance – 11324 steps, 9.05km

Tuesday, 25th September

Looking down a slide on the playground equipment? Wanna go down it? 😉

I walked just after the rain ended and got back just before it started raining very heavily. Quite good timing, I should think. Even the mosquitoes weren’t too bad though their numbers did increase as I went along as it was still quite humid. Hopefully it will end soon and they will go away!

Total distance – 10418 steps, 8.33km

Wednesday, 26th September

A grab shot experiment – this is of the parking lot; I really liked the colors as they wound up in this picture. 🙂

I really cheated today. I was making good time when I started walking, but due to some conflicting events (such as needing to head to the grocery store to visit the bank before a specific time), I wound up only walking halfway back home until I was picked up. I decided to then make up the rest of the way to 10000 steps by doing some walking around the house. 😉

Total distance – 10337 steps, 8.26km

Thursday, 27th September

An anvil cloud forms to the north of the park; I don’t know if it actually caused any rain though.

It was another wet day, this time with thunderstorms in the area, but I waited it out until the rain stopped. Just to be sure, I took the umbrella with me, and that was good since just as I was walking out of the park, a light shower started which lasted for maybe 30 seconds.

Total distance – 11230 steps, 8.98km

Friday, 28th September

A bit of a time lapse look at some bugs flying around alongside the road. I decided to go around them 😉

Again, being Friday, I decided to repeat the keeping track of my steps during the day while at volunteering. I walked in the evening using the white light and it worked actually quite decently, better than I would have expected.

Distances –
10.13am (after walking to volunteering and working for a couple of hours) – 1403 steps, 1.12km
3.35pm (after volunteering) – 1651 steps, 1.32km
6.15pm (after getting home and before walking – 4433 steps, 3.54km
8.20pm (after walking) – 13354 steps, 10.68km
end of day – 13560 steps, 10.84km

Saturday, 29th September

A 30-second timelapse looking towards the southwest. The purple light is actually a combination of the white and red lights on my headband.

I went to walk late in the day again, just because I still have time management issues. It’s something that I desperately need to work on. Anyway, as I was walking, I spotted what I thought was lightning in the southwestern sky, but I think now it was just a camera’s flash, as it only happened a couple of times, and wasn’t followed up by thunder. I continued on though and it never did rain.

Total distance – 11446 steps, 9.15km

Sunday, 30th September

A woodpecker goes to work on a tree. (I’m having problems with the image showing up, so it might not appear for you…)

Today’s walk was a bit different because I decided to break it into two distinct sections. I decided to get to the shelter that’s at the park and then stop to do a bit of writing – it worked pretty good, I think because I don’t have the distractions that I have on the computer available to me in the park. Hopefully, it will help me to focus on writing when I’m at the computer.

Total distance – 10752 steps, 8.60km

In other news, I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t the greatest week with keeping on target with my goals. I’m still falling victim to temptations on the internet. As I mentioned, what actually worked was taking 15 minutes with a pencil and paper to sit and write in the park. I also fell down on the work with putting together a to-do list every day; I only admittedly made one on Thursday.

I’ve now purchased a very simple day planner (no fancy type on it that says “Day Planner” or “DayRunner®”. Nope, this is just a $1.84 “assignment” notebook, with a line for the date on it; it’s simple and, provided I make myself determined to actually stick with it, should work. I’m also taking advantage of a small egg timer I have here to help me with eliminating the distractions by allowing myself only to do them after doing something, and only for a short period of time (10-20 minutes).

The final GYST Update:

Has it been 4 weeks already? The time certainly seemed to fly. I’ve successfully made it to walking 10,000 steps every day this week; however, I am still around the 2-hour mark for my daily walks. I’ve gotten to the point now where I will walk in just about any conditions, including the dark of night, with the assistance of a headband flashlight.

However, this week, I’ve been bad with my eating by having junk food (really the first junk food that I’ve had for almost a month, but still it’s bad) and doing a bit of overeating. It’s a minor setback, but I feel that I’m ahead of where I was at the beginning of the month.

I still have issues with resolving the distraction issue I have, along with managing my time so that I can do everything I want to do in a day. I’ve invested in a small notebook which will be only for setting out tasks for me to do on the day, and am going to make use of a small egg timer that I have to put a limit on the time I take in pursuing my distractions, if they do arise.

I feel that I’ve made a start on the way to improving my life, but I know that there is still a long way to go for me to get to where I want to be. However, I know that I can make the changes, I just have to commit to them.