The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 6

Monday, 27th August

A couple of large mushrooms growing along the path.

There were some storms Sunday, so there was a touch of trepidation, not knowing if there is any other damage out in the park. As it turned out, there was minimal new damage. The only thing that I spotted was a tree that had snapped in two, but the part that had snapped off was just sitting over a path, and in not much danger of falling. I took the regular route.

Total Distance – 4955 steps, 3.96km

Tuesday, 28th August

A bird sits perched on a branch of a pine tree. I did try some up-close shots, but those were blurry, and by the time I set the camera to a faster shutter speed, it had flown away.

Hot hot hot could describe the day; it was somewhere in the range of 30°C, with high humidity. However, it wasn’t too bad to walk in that weather as there was a nice breeze blowing, depending on where I was. While I was heading around the path, a dog came up behind me; its owner was over on another part of the path. I went on the reverse regular route.

Total distance – 5043 steps, 4.03km

Wednesday, 29th August

For the first time since I started walking, I gave up. Yep, I couldn’t do it.

Nah, I’m just kidding. 🙂 It was raining really hard, and I had gotten myself a little way down the road when I realized that the camera’s batteries had died. I could have just gone ahead and went on without the camera, but I decided to go back, change out the batteries, and also devise a couple of systems – keeping my pants relatively dry, and stopping the umbrella from dripping through to me.

The solutions were somewhat ingenious – I used some clothespins to clip the pants together, and a piece of plastic wrap worked for the umbrella problem. As it turned out, in heading back, I managed to get into a better slot for the weather, as the rain had slackened off a bit from when I first went out. I took the regular route, without the diversion.

I really like how this picture came out – if you enlarge it, you can see that I’ve managed to capture some of the falling rain in the picture (which is part of the reason there’s a bit of motion blur ;))

Total distance – 5665 steps, 4.53km

Thursday, 30th August

A view of the sunset over the trees in the area.

It was a fairly busy day around the house, so I didn’t get a chance to get out to walk until around 7pm. However, unlike last week, I took along a flashlight, but I really didn’t need to use it since the sun was out causing there to be some more light. I also walked a little quicker than I normally do, so I was out for less time. I took the regular route. As I was coming back out of the park, I spotted a rabbit, which scared the heck outta me, and then there was a dog that went after the rabbit. I don’t believe it caught the rabbit though, and eventually it ran back to its owner (who I didn’t ever see).

Total distance – 5128 steps, 4.10km

Friday, 31st August

I left y’all hanging there, just mentioning the caboose. As it happened, the train that was going through is called “Artrain USA“. I’d not heard of it, but it certainly sounds interesting. It’s headed towards Iron Mountain, MI for an exhibition in a couple of weeks. While I was walking, they were doing some inspection or other work on it; I didn’t have my scanner with me so I’m not totally sure.

All I know is that when I was coming back, the train was still there, so I had an opportunity to snap some more pictures 😉 I went along the normal route once again.

Total distance – 5494 steps, 4.39km

Saturday, 1st September

A plane flies over the area; I think they were doing some training exercises (i.e. pilot training, not any other kind) as a couple of times, I heard the motor engage after flying; as if they were trying to stall the engine on purpuse.

You’ll start to notice a difference in the distances now. I’m challenging myself to walk longer distances every day, ultimately building up to doubling my current walking distance to 8km a day. I walked a new route around the park, and the disc golf course, combining bits of the regular and the long route.

Total distance 5877 steps, 4.70km

Sunday, 2nd September

Some of the trees have started to change colors now; it should be fall colors anytime now 😉

For the second time this week I’ve had to stop walking to get something.

However, this time, it was slightly less complicated as I just called back to the house for some bug spray. When you see the swarm of mosquitoes coming for you, this becomes a very good idea. 😉

When I had the bug spray, it was a very peaceful walk again, as I continued experimenting with new routes to take to get myself up to 5km of walking. This involves taking the long way around corners and curves, going around obstacles I’d just walk through, and a variety of other options. I’ve even figured out areas where I can pick up more distance as I up the length of my walks.

Total distance – 6324 steps, 5.05km

In other news, I did not have the opportunity to go volunteer this week, as the office I go to was actually closed on Friday. However, I already have my appointment set to go volunteer on this Friday.

Also, as I’ve mentioned, we’ve gotten a lot of work done around the house; today and tomorrow we’re canning some tomatoes for the winter, since we got a bushel from our local supplier.

This week, I’m starting the Get Yer Shit Together challenge – my goals are to double the length of my walk in 4 weeks, watch my eating, and to drink 3-4 liters a week. This week, my goal is to walk 5km each day, and add a klick each week.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 6

  1. Hey, how are you doing that related posts thingy?>

    I am so looking forward to doing my own walks soon.. This time next week we should be about all moved in, but I officially won’t start walking until the 15th of September.

    Mind you, I am doing PLENTY of exercise carrying boxes up stairs, so.. 😉

    I just need to get a pedometer now.


  2. There’s a bit of code you have to put in for the related posts. I have it somewhere, and I have it in my blog; I’ll dig it out and post about it once 😉

    Ahem, “officially”? 😉 Why not start walking the day you’re really moved in? Even if you’re walking down to the beach and back, it’s 2kms. 😉

    Though, yeah, carrying stuff up stairs is a lot of exercise, so, yeah… 😉

    The pedometer – you know where to find them, so go get one 🙂

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