The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 7

Time to recap my week of walking, and set some goals for the week. As always, clicking on the pictures in the post will bring them up to 1024×768 size.
Monday, 3rd September

A view of some of the rolling hills of the park

Whoever said walking was a good way to clear the mind never walked during an active infestation of mosquitoes. Although I had bug spray on (Deep Woods Off – 25% deet), it didn’t do anything to make the bugs any less tolerable. It took me getting all the way to the parking lot before I could have a chance to pause for more than a brief second and drink some water without having to deal with the bugs.

total distance – 7358 steps, 5.88km

Tuesday, 4th September

Maybe 1% of all the mosquitoes in the area

Well, on the radio today, they mentioned all the mosquitoes in the area. The reason they’re all out there is because of all the rain we had a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that the rain has hatched mosquitoes which have been eggs for many years. Not only that, according to this article in the paper, they’re expected to stick around for upwards of a month!

Ah well, we have a lot of bug spray, and I’ve been using it quite judiciously. However, it doesn’t help the fact that they will fly up to me, touch my skin and then fly away. At one point, I looked down at my legs, and they were just swarmed in mosquitoes. Again, I decided to go up to the parking lot to get away from them, and wound up in the middle of soccer practice for the local community clubs. I probably lingered too long up there before deciding to start back into the flying haze.

As I was walking back, I made the decision to walk in the middle of the road – that way, I’d be at least 10 feet away from the areas where they were congregating. Luckily, it worked out reasonably well, as they did tend to stay away.

Total distance – 7162 steps, 5.72km

Wednesday, 5th September

The gate I walk around to access the park, from the other side of the road

It was another hot day, so I made the decision to go out later in the day again. And yet again, the mosquitoes were evil! However, I’m learning some new tricks to handle them though, such as spraying my whole shirt before I go out and walk – that way they don’t bite my back. Of course, if it were about 15 degrees cooler, I’d wear a long sleeve shirt because the feeling of the mosquitoes going on and off of your body is just creepy!

While I was walking, I heard something. It was the sound of all the mosquitoes buzzing around out there, one of the most horrific sounds I’ve ever heard in my life, but that’s just me.

Total distance – 7134 steps, 5.70km

Thursday, 6th September

Some leaves fall from trees that have already changed colors, aided by the breeze.

After I tried on my new shoes, I went for my walk. I had to walk earlier (a good idea with the mosquitoes), and I went around 2pm. The bugs weren’t that bad at all, especially in an open area like the soccer fields – they were actually not bothering me constantly! It was almost amazing. I also did some exploration around the parking lot area, and consequently wound up walking a longer distance than I had ever done before.

Total distance – 7890 steps, 6.31km

Friday, 7th September

A flock of birds fly towards the sunset.

After coming back from volunteering, it was already later in the day when I first had the opportunity to walk. However, I first went out to walk at 7pm – which meant that it would be dark by the time that I’d get back. As it so happened, that did occur. I could see well for the first part of my walk, but as I was starting to head out of the park, I could not see anything in the forest. The only light I had was from my mobile phone, which I only used sparingly so that I didn’t attract mosquitoes to the light.

When I got back out to the road, it was dark enough that you could see the lights from cars reflecting off of things. At one point, a car came along the road, and then I got dazzled by its lights; I was already over to the end of the road, but I almost fell over from the dazzling.

total distance – 7146 steps, 5.71km

Saturday, 8th September

A better view of some of the turkeys. πŸ™‚

I walked actually during the daytime, but it would seem that the bugs were just as bad, if not worse than at night – it took about three minutes of being in the parking lot before the swarm cleared away from me. However, it was still a good day to walk, with a nice breeze blowing. I walked back and forth on one of the soccer fields before heading back out, and decided to cut back across some high grass, but that didn’t take away too many steps from my walk; that’ll help out to get me to the next step for walking.

Total distance – 7798 steps, 6.23km

Sunday, 9th September

A fawn in the field; first one I’ve seen while walking. When I heard it rustling the grass in the field, I thought it was just another rabbit, but then I saw it jumping, and knew it was something else. πŸ™‚

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been doing something different – listening to music or today, listening to the radio. I started to do it on Friday because of the experience I had on Wednesday with hearing the swarming, and it’s something that’s got a bit of a calming effect on me, even though the mosquitoes are still there. Also, I am a bit more attentive to exterior noises such as cars and other things when I’m walking with the earbuds in.

Today, I walked along the parking lot and then walked across the soccer fields and cut across a bit of the disc golf course to head back out of the forest; the mosquitoes actually weren’t too bad away from the forest again, like on Thursday.

Total distance – 7350 steps, 5.88km

The update for the GYST challenge; this is what I’m going to post on Craig’s site – This week, I’ve really come together with the walking, even though we are being bombarded by mosquitoes. In fact, I exceeded my goal every day this week, travelling no less than 7100 steps per day. I’ve even managed to cross the next goal of 7500 steps twice. I’ve also met my goal for water each day, mostly through the use of an ingenious idea – a pitcher that holds about 1.5 liters. I’m also watching my diet carefully, and working on that as well.

In other news, I mentioned on Friday that I went to volunteer; I went and when I got done, I was tired – it’s been over two years since I’ve put in a day’s worth of solid work in. However, I did like doing it and am going to continue to go in on Fridays.

I also worked on the proposal that I’ve been mentioning. Right now, it’s being mulled over, but apparently they’ve had something similar in the past, so there needs to be some contacting made on their end to find out the story behind that.

This week’s goals include improving on my time management – it’s something that I really need to work on, and am kinda bad at keeping track of.

I’ll be back with the blog wrap up

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  1. Quite some walking you did there, the picture with the deer-like thing is very cool though. Has been years since I saw one myself in free nature, always a cool thing to see. Here when you actually here something it always is just the boring old rabbit or hare.

  2. Those are some nice pictures. Living in the desert, you forget there are places that green (without a casino in the background!). Strange coincidence about the mosquito thing. We had some days of rain and I found mosquitos outside and a couple in the house! We NEVER have mosquitos out here because of the heat, but the temp droppped for a bit too so I guess they made it down from the mountains.

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