The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 8

Monday, 10th September

Here are the horses I blogged about ages ago, coming towards me. I bet they were drawn in by the orange shirt I was wearing… 😉

So, I’ve learned something about my new shoes – they’re not waterproof! Then again, it might have something to do with the fact that I did walk a long way through grass that should be shorter than it is cut (you’d think that a soccer field would have short grass, but it doesn’t for some reason). As I had mentioned, it was only 12°C outside when I went walking, so I did take the opportunity to take the I’m walkin’ here shirt for a test drive. It worked very well, as everything I put into the jacket’s pockets stayed dry, even though it got really cold. I also stayed nice and warm the whole time and relatively unbothered by mosquitoes.

That is, except for the one mosquito which decided to fly into my mouth. That was a very unfun time, until I spat it out. Probably TMI, but you never know.. 😉

Total distance – 8536 steps, 6.82km

Tuesday, 11th September

A look towards the southwestern horizon; sorry about the sky blowing out, the skies were blue, with clouds (as evidenced in other pictures I took).

The winds were really up, but this was the first time since last Sunday when I went without bug spray. The mosquitoes are actually down to manageable levels again, except for another one which decided to fly into my mouth….

While I was out walking, I spotted someone cutting the lawn in the fields, but I guess they must have lost interest or something since they only bothered cutting like 1% of the whole fields, and hardly any of the soccer fields.

Total distance – 8950 steps, 7.16km

Wednesday, 12th September

A hawk, in flight over the trees in the park. I have some more shots of a hawk up close (though not too close), which I’ll post in the future. 🙂

It was a warmer day, so that meant the mosquitoes were back again. 🙁 However, I just put on the bug spray and went along, not being bothered that much. I’m finding that as I walk more, I’m being able to “find” steps in unlikely places, like discovering the road that leads out of the park, and by walking around the disc golf holes. I’m also walking around the parking lot, along the outside of it. Right now, it’s about building up the distance I’m walking.

Total distance – 8739 steps, 6.99km

Thursday, 13th September

An interesting tree. Does anyone know what kind of fruits these are? I don’t believe that they’re bananas since we’re not exactly in a tropical environment…

A warm day, so more mosquitoes, and this time they were worse than the day before. Though that might have been because of the fact I didn’t wear my long sleeve shirt because of the temperature. I decided to meander around the park, and generally stay away from the forest and that was a strategy that worked out for me, but not so much for the mosquitoes. 😉

Total distance – 8928 steps, 7.14km

Friday, 14th September

A squirrel which startled me sits on the tree before climbing further upwards

I went a bit earlier; it was much cooler today, and it wasn’t too bad walking. I also did some exploration of the park, going down to the lower half of the park where the first part of the disc golf course is. I decided to go up one route where the course went, and wound up climbing straight up a hill that is meant to be gone down (there are some interesting grades along that course, incidentally).

I then went up a path and discovered two trees that had fallen down across the path. Instead of going back and going around, I just climbed over the one tree and around the other tree.

Before doing that, I came across a father and his son and asked if I could take a photo and they obliged, and the photo came out really nicely. However, I did not ask for permission to post it online, so I can’t let y’all see it.

Total distance – 8865 steps, 7.09km

Saturday, 15th September

The last light of the day, with the moon visible in the distance

This seems to be happening every week now, where I go out way too late. I’ve been going out at around 7 pm, and this time wasn’t an exception. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t like to stay out for the same amount of time, so I wind up walking further and further into the night. By the time I was getting ready to start out of the park, it was almost pitch black, and by time I got out to the road, I had to use a flashlight. The good news was that no cars came toward me and dazzled me.

The best part about walking in the really cold air (I’d guess it was around 10°C at the beginning of my walk and downhill from there), was that I encountered a grand total of 3 mosquitoes the whole time.

Total distance – 9131 steps, 7.30km

Sunday, 16th September

This is the other part of the grass story. As you can see, they did finish the grass cutting; except for the area inside the actual soccer goals.

My strategy as of late with respect to the bug spray is to spray when I get close to the park so that it’s at its most effective level of work. I followed approximately the same route as yesterday, but did some more distance while out there. While at the park, there was a couple of parents with their kids playing around on the gym set. I decided to pass on the photo opportunity this time.

I did pause and sit down during a walk for the first time in a long time, but it was with a reason. I took time today to think up a plan to get myself to a place where I can improve my situation. I wrote it down in my notebook. 🙂

Total distance – 9458 steps, 7.56km

In other news, I didn’t go volunteering this week. It has been a bit of a down week for me this week as a result of not being able to use the new scale I got – I’m too big to get a number on there, however now I do know what my goal is for that – to get a number on the scale.

The plan that I was mentioning above is for me to work towards improving the area I work in every day. I won’t go into full details about this right now, but the short part of the story is that the desk I’m working at is the same desk we’ve had ever since we bought our first computer back in 1994.

My plan is to either save up enough money to buy a new desk outright or to actually build one from scratch (I’m up for the challenge of drawing the plans and building the desk on my own, I was thinking of plans while I was walking today).

The way I’m going to do that is to actively pursue opportunities to make money through my blog, such as bidding on a couple of offers on Sponsoredreviews each day, also checking in on Blogsvertise every day and seeing what they have up for offers. I’m also going to watch payperpost on Tuesdays like a hawk – they have some great opps that come up on their $1k Tuesdays. If I post about it, then you’ll know that I got in on one of the opportunities. 😉

Another thing that I’m going to do is ramp up selling stuff on ebay. I’ve been talking about it for ages, but have only listed two items in just over a year. I’m looking to build that up to getting anywhere from 5-10 items listed over the next couple of weeks.

The last, and most important thing is that I have to get back on track with making daily to-do lists and rewarding myself when I finish something on my list of tasks.

I’ll post my GYST update as part of the update tomorrow’s blog round-up. 😉