A busy day…

I’ve had quite the busy day today with getting the house winterized and getting a new site up and running (along with getting a new chair, yay!), so I’m just getting around to posting now at 9pm, but I have a bit of a special treat for y’all today; proof that I won’t win any Photoshopping competitions anytime soon. OK, I did enter these into competitions against some great competition, and I am quite pleased with the work I put in on these.

I was reminded of this while going through some pictures and finding the base I used on the first picture; it was actually taken along the freeway in 2005; it’s up to you to determine what’s the shopped in parts, k? 😉

Hint: The plane wasn’t there originally.

This other photo was taken out of town. The change on this one is quite simple – the statue has been replaced, quite creatively (and almost straight! 🙂 )

The Federal Reserve honors Captain Morgan? No way man!

As always like most of the time, clicking on the picture will bring up the full-size version. 😉

Now, the next task is to do a dry-run upgrade of WordPress, but I might just wait ’til tomorrow to do that one 🙂

I also have some more Photoshop specials that I’ve made (including one where trains moved into the Potomac River), but they’re either on a CD somewhere, or on another computer.