The most lazy phishing mail ever?

In the past, I’ve mentioned that I created a set of blogs designed to aggregate scam emails. One of the things that I have on there is the ability to send an email to me on an email account that is only for those particular blogs.

This means that I get all kinds of scam emails – from your normal “I have 15.3 million US dollars only in a trunk box somewhere in Africa” scam, to advertisements for sugar sales in the Middle East, to all forms (and then some) of phishing emails.

Generally, the point of a phishing mail is to trick you into believing that the mail comes from the company that they are trying to fake. Depending on how good the mail is depends, unfortunately, on how successful the scammers are at getting people’s information. Something tells me that this person isn’t going to be very successful.

Below is the email, which has a Subject line of “Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account before two weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently” and comes from “lawman shawn “.

Not too pretty, is it? However, you have to give some props to these scammers for creativity. Only they would have the forethought to tell you that Google were closing “all unused hotmail account” for more Gmail accounts (by the way, Hotmail actually has more storage than Gmail now, but are still fairly crap if you ask me ;)). the Security Center image comes from eBay, the “Security Image” is actually from Yahoo Mail.

Last, but not least, to verify “yuor identity”, you have to give them your Yahoo ID.

Fortunately, they’ve nicely sent me two further warnings, both from different addresses; funny that; asking for the Gmail! ID, however they’re still deleting hotmail account.

As always, the best thing you can do when you receive a mail like this is to simply delete it. However, and this isn’t normal for me, I’ve been tempted to give them some completely bogus information (because you have to reply to the email instead of going to a web page), just to see what the reply was. Don’t do that either. 😉