Moving Day

I’m not moving house, but I have moved my computer, and all of the peripherals (save for the TV box, I have a little bit of rearranging left to do for that).

In fact, I’m using a different desk now – one that we’ve actually had for quite a while. It’s been in our garage for over two years and now it’s in the place where I said I’d put my new desk when I saved up enough to buy one. This desk is a little bit smaller lengthwise, but it is a deeper desk than the other one, while being the same height from floor to surface.

Something that I had forgotten when I was discussing moving the computer over to this spot the other day is that this is where we had put a computer quite a few years ago. The computer is to the left of me, under an adjacent table with all the cables tucked neatly (well, as neatly as you can tuck cables 😉 ) away down there.

The best part of moving the computer is that I didn’t have to totally rearrange the cable modem and router since the cable I’m using is long enough to reach and not be completely taut – safe and efficient I think.

I’ll have some pictures for y’all soon. 🙂