The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 13

Sunday, 14th October

Walking 14/10/07

One of the horses in the field alongside the road.

It was cold and wet, but that didn’t keep me from walking; unlike just about everyone else. All I know is that I didn’t see anyone else while walking…

Total distance – 6299 steps, 5.03km

Monday, 15th October

Walking 15/10/07

Two of the whole bunch of turkeys that crossed the road in front of me.

It was a bit warmer, but still cool enough to need the windbreaker for a while. However, I did wind up taking it off while in the park because I was getting way too warm. Asked if I was warm enough without the covering; yeah, I was, otherwise I would have had the jacket on, yano? 😉

Total distance – 5834 steps, 4.66km

Tuesday, 16th October

Walking 16/10/07

Some cut wood at the bottom of one of the valleys; there’s a house up above the road level not too far from these logs; I’m not sure how they get down there; the hill seems pretty steep…

Today was a little bit warmer, but still gray and wet, though I caught a break in the rain to go walking. As I rounded the corner for the house, the sun came out but went away after a few seconds.

Total distance – 5534 steps, 4.42km

Wednesday, 17th October

Walking 17/10/07

Some of the fall colors seen behind one of the benches in the park.

Again, it was threatening rain, so I brought the umbrella along with me; I didn’t need to use it though. I’m trying to walk some different routes, and having fun exploring even more parts of the park that I hadn’t gone to even when I was extending the lengths of my walks.

Total distance – 5963 steps, 4.77km

Thursday, 18th October

Walking 18/10/07

More colors; this time with the leaves from another of the trees having fallen onto the path.

The weather was really warm today, and I took too long to wait for my walk and wound up walking while we were in the middle of a Tornado Watch. I got up to the parking lot of the park and discovered that they’ve done preparations for the winter including covering up the bubbler and removing the larger port-a-john (the smaller one is still there for now). As I started to head back, I heard the one sound you don’t want to hear as you’re walking – the cracking of thunder. Luckily I didn’t see any lightning and it only rained for a few minutes.

Total distance – 5672 steps, 4.53km

Friday, 19th October – All Day counting

Walking 19/10/07

Water in the field where the horses usually are, which is well below road level, ripples as the strong wind hits it.

Well, this time I counted more frequently during the day. The walk was in a really windy condition, and it was raining ever so slightly, but the umbrella was nearly useless thanks to the wind.

Total distances –
11.36am: 1677 steps, 1.34km
3.04pm: 2027 steps, 1.62km
4.56pm: 3822 steps, 3.05km
6.22pm: 9275 steps, 7.42km
end of day – 10459 steps, 8.36km

Saturday, 20th October

Walking 20/10/07

The one in-focus shot of the planes that I got; sometimes using the constant autofocus isn’t an optimal thing… 😉
The sun was actually out for the whole walk! Also, it was a really nice and comfortable day for walking – not cool and not hot either. While I was walking, two planes and a train came through within about 2 minutes; I got pictures of all of them. 😉

Total distance – 5801 steps, 4.64km

In other news, this is the big week for the first appointment for the mental health place. I won’t lie about it – I’m a bit apprehensive about it, though I know that it is definitely for a good cause. I got trapped in the temporal vortex (by the way, I’m wondering if the person who created television knew that Temporal Vortex has the same initials? 😉 ) a couple of times this week, but on the balance, I feel that I am improving.

I also got the opportunity to (finally!) make the first steps towards driving properly – I took time to sit down and get the mirrors all in a place that should be right for me, and get the seat set so that I’m comfortable in the seat. I spent about 15 minutes acclimating myself to the left side of the car. Now, to actually drive.

I think that for this week, my goal will be simple – take advantage of my new desk and location to maximize my efficiency

2 thoughts on “The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 13

  1. Getting shrinkage is a little scary but once you meet the right doctor you will learn a lot about yourself and how to improve what you want to improve. In the event your first doctor doesn’t feel right, don’t give up. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right person.

    And driving ain’t no thang. Just get in that left lane with your turn signal perpetually on and drive very slowly. Should be fine.


  2. I think that in the time between today and Wednesday, I need to have time to sit down with myself and figure out what I want or need to talk about.

    With the driving, I’d do that, but I’d have to get an Illinois plate and grow some gray hair. Of course, then I’d have to pay all those tolls…. 😉

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