The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 14

Sunday, 21st October

Walking 21/10/07

An old jalopy goes past while I’m out walking; there were two of them, and really, the pictures weren’t that clear.

I went out to walk towards the end of the light for the day, but there was enough so that I didn’t need to use the head lamp too much. It was still on the warm side for the day, though.

Total distance: 5524 steps, 4.41km

Monday, 22nd October

Walking 22/10/07

The flash causes the rain to reflect into the lens. In the background, you can see the horses I walk past.

It rained the whole time while out walking; fortunately, this was the only day that it did rain this week while I was walking. I did something different – I didn’t carry my bag, instead taking my bottle of water in my orange windbreaker.

Total distance: 5537 steps, 4.42km

Tuesday, 23rd October

Walking 23/10/07

Remember the trees I mentioned ages ago? They’re still there.

Finally, a sunny day for a walk and I was going out before the sun was going down. It’s almost rare to do this now. I also took the opportunity to take a longer walk, up and around the parking lot. Interestingly, the kids who come out for the soccer are still showing up, their parents dropping and leaving them there.

Total distance: 7601 steps, 6.08km

Wednesday, 24th October

Walking 24/10/07

This is a view from the end of one of the disc golf holes; you can see how much more open the area is now that a lot of the leaves have fallen off of the trees.

Another sunny day, and another good walk; not much to mention, other than that it was a bit warmer and I decided to forgo the coat for the walk, and it was comfortable.

Total distance: 5529 steps, 4.42km

Thursday, 25th October

Walking 25/10/07

This is from the bench that was visible above; the pink is from sun refraction 😉

I went out a bit earlier and did a more straightforward route – not as much backtracking as I was a bit short on time since I had to go to the clinic to get some more medicine; another sunny day, but it was a touch cooler.

Total distance: 5271 steps, 4.21km

Friday, 26th October

Walking 26/10/07

I’m not a fan of graffiti on boxcars, but I like the message here 🙂

It was another gray day which started with rain while I was on the way to my volunteering; however, I had some time to sit around before walking down there and it wound up finishing before I went over. The main walk was also in gray conditions, and involved me going off of the path when a fella came down the path wearing all black; not good to wear that when the sun is going away, ok?


1.38PM – 1268 steps, 1.25km
5.00PM – 3523 steps, 2.81km
6.13PM – 9384 steps, 7.50km
end of day – 9604 steps, 7.68km

Saturday, 27th October

Walking 27/10/07

Creepy, no? I’ll let you have a guess as to the origins of this picture. 😉

As I mentioned, it was a busy day, and I didn’t go out to walk until it was dark, but I had new batteries for my head lamp, so I had the option of more powerful light this time, but I chose to stick to the white light anyway. I also did the shortest walk I’ve done in quite a long time, since I was getting disoriented and going off of the path, almost as if I was drunk or something…

Total distance: 4573 steps, 3.65km

In other news, I’ve got the appointments for the therapy this week. Wednesday is going to be a long day, and one that could be, I am guessing, challenging and possibly intense. I also have my new chair put together and I am sitting on it; I almost did not get the chair that I was going to get, but the deciding factor wound up being one of whether the chair could lean back. This one can, and now I am using it (it also has a 15-year limited warranty, I’ll have to keep that in mind…)

As far as maximizing my use of the new space, I feel that I am more productive now, and it is a great thing, I think. 🙂

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  1. It’s a picture of the leaves on the path, but the light is from my head lamp; the red LEDs. The shadow at the bottom of the photo are the camera itself, along with my hands holding it 🙂

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