US Blogs Announcement

An important note for members of the US Blogs community on Bumpzee.

I’ve mentioned that it’s going to happen soon, well the time is now. If you do not update the location of the image soon, it may not work anymore for you. If you have picked up the code for the image before this Monday, then you have the old code.

Below is the new code to use for the US Blogs badge to put on your blogs:

80×15 (antipixel):

160×30 (double size):

I encourage you to host the file on your own server, if you have access to it. The images are very small – only about 300 bytes each, probably the smallest file size you’ve seen for a legit image in a long time. 🙂

Also, a note about the US blogs Blogroll – an update will be coming soon with the blogs added recently; keep an eye out on the community page for an announcement of the update.

Thanks for all of you who are members – we now have well in excess of 100 members and blogs part of the community! Well done to everyone! 🙂

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