Welcome to the future!

This is the future of my blog, on WordPress. As you can see, there are a few tweaks to be done yet, such as putting widgets on my sidebars, and installing the plugins and making sure they work.

I will update this post with more information as the time goes on; I just didn’t want to have the Hello World with Mr. WordPress as the first post y’all see! 😉

It’s now 11:14, some 2 hours after installing WP on here, and I have everything up and running. I’d like to take some time here to let you in on some of the details of the new look:

New Template
The most obvious change is the template I’m now using. I’ve changed to a 3 column format, and it should not make a difference what size your screen is – I should be able to guarantee that you’ll not see a horizontal scrollbar (unless there’s something that’s really wide in a post).

The theme is Nearly-Sprung by Richard Maxwell. You may have seen a variation on this theme elsewhere in a variety of formats. You should pay close attention to the top right of the screen, as you never know what will show up there; as I say, there are 39 flavors of headers you could have. 38 of them are mine, one isn’t. You’ll likely be able to tell which one it is pretty easily. 🙂

It’s WordPress!
Being that it is WordPress, I can now send out proper trackbacks; anyone who has received a trackback from my blogger blog in the past will know that it isn’t in the “traditional” style, rather showing the first few words from the post instead of excerpting the section where I linked to them.

The other side of the coin is that now you can send trackbacks to me; you’ll be able to see the link for that on the post page, just above the comment section.

Speaking of comments, I have installed Lucia’s Linky Love for my dofollow needs. This means that your comments will be followed, but only after you make a couple comments here. It’s fairly painless. 😉

No Broken Links!
This is likely the best feature of all, since as anyone who has moved from Blogger to WordPress will know, it can be a pain in the neck to change all the links in your posts to suit WP’s style of permalinks. However, thanks to Snoskred’s Other Half, all of the Blogger posts came across perfectly, and I put in a little bit of code so that you can click on any of my old links and go to the new post link.

Have a good look around and drop a comment to let me know that you’ve gotten here and what you think of the new site. If, on the off chance that you manage to find something that doesn’t quite work right, give me a shout in the comments, drop a note via the contact page, or email me

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the future!

  1. Looking good. It’s simple and readable. Plus, the Comment button is at the bottom of the post and not the top. Bloggers with it at the top are a big pain in the butt. 😉

  2. Ouch! Cugat 😉

    But I agree that I am a big pain in the butt. 😉

    The theme looks wonderful and you’ve worked so hard on it Sephy, well done! 😉


  3. Jeez you two 😉

    Heh, actually, I didn’t even realize that the comment link at another site which may have been mentioned already in the post or in the comments was at the top until you mentioned it Cugat. 😉

    Don’t get me started on blogs that have the timestamp in another language, ahem. 😀

    BTW with the header images, there is one of them, in fact the last one I uploaded, that I am very happy with the way it turned out, and I didn’t have to do any warping to the image to get it to look that way. I’ve already told Snos which one it is, but if anyone wants to have a punt, have a guess. 🙂

    Thanks y’all 😉

  4. I don’t know how hard it was, but I do know that I’ve reconfigured a Blogger theme to be a floating width, but it wasn’t with fixed sidebar widths, and it wasn’t that hard at all. All I know is that, with this theme, I downloaded it, made the sidebars 40 pixels wider, and I was happy with it. 🙂


  5. congrats on moving .. the theme looks beautiful and a column on each side is really nice too… I need to change my themes, looking at Snos’ and your themes, Im a bit envious 🙂

  6. Pearl – Thanks! 🙂

    I’m so glad that I decided to go with this theme. I had chosen another theme to go with, but I took one look at the CSS file and found it was in total disarray, and kinda ran away from it. A good choice if I would say so myself 🙂

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