What’s Next?

As I’ve been detailing over the last couple of months, I am changing my way of life. By this point in time, I should have gone to the Mental Health offices for the first appointment. In fact, it was scheduled for yesterday at 4:30pm. However, I got a call yesterday morning saying that the therapist wouldn’t be in because they were sick. I was told that they’d call me when they came into the office today.

I kind of forgot that this is a governmental agency that I’m working with here, so it’s quite easy to get lost in the shuffle; as I write this, I still have not received a call from them, so if I don’t hear anything within the next 20 minutes or so, I’m going to call them to propose an alternative arrangement – I have an appointment scheduled for next Wednesday at noon (which, ironically, I didn’t find out about until I got a letter from them reminding me of yesterday’s appointment). I’m going to suggest that we hold the “first” appointment, the one where I have to fill out all the paperwork, etc., then.

So, yeah, I’m a little bit annoyed right now with them, however, I’ll deal with it. Update: I have it all sorted out now; the paperwork appointment will be at 9:30am next Wednesday, followed by talking to the therapist, and then I have kept my as-scheduled noon appointment the same day.

The question laid out in this week’s Hump Day Hmm… is “Where I’d Like to Go next” – I’ve done quite a lot of talking about that, but I wanted to show off my new desk; in fact, I’m now seriously considering not buying a new desk as I do like the desk I’m using a lot (the only thing is that I have to do some sanding on the edge to just round the lip a little bit).

Another reason is that, while the chair I have now is good enough, it’s seen better days, I think. Both of the arms have broken, the bolts holding them in on the bottom literally snapped apart; the pneumatic pump for the height adjustment hasn’t worked properly for well over a year now; and one of the legs is being propped up by books (along with some duct tape holding the leg together). The chair that has spotted my eye is this one – Mid-Back Executive Leather Chair, which is available for only $40 at OfficeMax, this week only.

Admittedly, this is a cheap chair, but I look at it this way – it’s within my budget, and I will be able to move around in it; the only question is one of will it be comfortable for me, for which I have to actually get over there and try it out.

This is my new workspace, as it was on Saturday; like I mentioned then, the cables are all neatly tucked at the back; I have added some stuff to the desk since then – the mirror has been replaced by some of the potted plants we have growing in here (two pepper plants and a tomato plant, which has one ripening on it). I’ve also gotten the TV box up and running with the cable coming through from my room off of a splitter, and I’ve put a phone handset at the back of the desk.

No shelves to hide anything in anymore!
The table where the computer is under has the ability to raise the front bit up; most of the time I keep that down, because that prevents me from having the ability of piling stuff on there.

Lastly, if you’re wondering about the title of this post, it is another of the post it notes I have on my monitor – “What’s Next?” – it’s a line that was commonly used on The West Wing, and this clip below shows it in use. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. About the chair: I have a very similar one which I got on sale. It turns out that there is a very thick seam across the seat that became uncomfortable very quickly. This was easily solved with a cushion so if there is such a seam on this chair you might want to save yourself a trip and get the cushion too.

    About the appointment: good on ya for not giving up. They don’t make it easy sometimes. It will be worth it in the long run (if, for nothing else, the stories it will give you). Rock on.


  2. Ah, good advice; hopefully I’ll have the chance to check out a specimen tonight, but the time will be tight. Nothing else I’ll lobby for a foray to the OfficeMax south of here (the taxes are lower there as well) tomorrow.

    Well, I’m collecting stories about the phone I’ve been using already. It has this thing where it will disconnect on its own with no warning. I’m not sure why it does it, but it can get bloody annoying, especially when in the middle of a call. Luckily I’ve been able to catch it and pick up on another phone (usually an older portable which has always worked for me).

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