Dreaming back to a Dirty Future?

Last night I had a couple of really interesting dreams. The first involved walking, and the second involved, of all things, time travel.

Adventures on a dirt road

The first dream involved me (and I think my mom, but there were a whole group of people there), and I was walking along this road, which had a highway designation of a letter, which means that it’s a county-maintained highway in this part of the world.

It all started out fine, with a well-maintained paved road, with no sign of what was to come. As we proceeded along this road, we eventually got to a crossroads, and the only choices were to go to the left, which was a dirt road, in decent condition and through a forest. The other choice was to go straight on, which led down a road which wasn’t more than a dirt track.

I wanted to go down the track as it was an open track, but I had no clue where any of these paths led, so I decided to follow the group down the tree-lined route. I was having a heck of a time walking along the path, partly because it wasn’t too wide and that I was walking on the wrong side of the road (i.e. with the traffic and not against it).

After another length of walking, we all of a sudden landed in what had to have been a waiting room, almost seemingly in the middle of the road. As it turned out, this waiting room was for a jailhouse for visiting the inmates.

The first time that I was in there, we were allowed to go around and continue on our way, but the second time I got there, they didn’t allow anyone through as it was Thanksgiving and they were serving a turkey dinner to presumably everyone, but as it turned out, only the inmates got food. Everyone in the waiting room didn’t get anything.

Another element of this dream was that I wound up outside a hospital where there were a bunch of crews from Nascar working on a repaving job. I then proceeded into the building to find out that they were giving everyone these forms where you could vote for employee of the month, in the style of Major League Baseball’s All-Star voting.

Then, as I walked through the room, I noticed that there was ice cream out for everyone to take. It wasn’t in a freezer, but it wasn’t melted either, strangely enough. There was a bit of chitchat, but then the dream ended.

Back To the Future

For some reason the second dream I had overnight involved me going back in time to a what I would assume to be real store in Chicago. All I knew is that I went into the store (fully dressed, thanks for asking), to be welcomed by signs about this being a quiet store.

The other thing is that it seemed to be in either the 70s or 80s – all the stuff on the shelf looked “old”, but seemed to be in new boxes. In particular, the games, like Life. There was only one thing that was allowed to have sound, and that was a thing that inexplicably played “Happy Birthday”.

However, it got slightly weirder as I then met the finnicky owner of the store, someone everyone loved in the community. One of the things that he did was hold competitions for stitching or something. He had a couple of people by him, and they laid out the rules, then established scoring criteria for the participants.

Somehow, I was put into this competition even after saying that I didn’t know anything about stitching. So, for the duration of the competition, I sat there, trying to find the colored patches that we were asked to put together, but not finding the right ones.

After the competition was over, and I was handed my hat, I took out my modern digital camera and started to snap pictures of the store, and of the scoring card. Something else I took a picture of was one of my cousins, who couldn’t have been more than a year or two old at the time.

The last thing that I remember before waking up was taking a look at the score sheet. It had the date listed on it, marked as “Thanksgiving Day”. I asked if everyone shopped on Thanksgiving, and the response was yes. I looked at the next page in the calendar, and instead of being marked with a note about Black Friday, it was marked as “Spare Day”.

Right before I woke up, I then put my camera bag into another bag I was carrying, and I could swear that there were people looking at me in admiration at the bags…must have been that they were from now. šŸ™‚

I wonder what a dream dictionary says about all this? šŸ˜‰