NaBloPoMo – 11 down, 1690 to go…

So, today is the official launch of the 2007 version of NaBloPoMo – you know, where you post every day on your blog. Of course, I’ve posted here every day for quite some time now; the last day I skipped was in June, I believe. Thusly, this will not be an issue like it had gotten to be last year (longtime readers will remember the 11:50pm posts, even after November; those weren’t the greatest posts in the world).

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, last year, the challenge for me was to comment on as many blogs as possible. This year, I’m doing the same thing. I’m sure that if you’ve read a lot of other blogs, you know the whys and wherefores for commenting on blogs, and I’m not going to go into them here. All I’ll mention is that I’ve changed how I am keeping track of the blogs I’m commenting on and a way that I’m saving a lot of time in commenting.

Keeping track of comments

Last year, I used a fairly rudimentary system of keeping track – a text file where I would grab a list of the blogs, click to them from the NaBloPoMo page and do the commenting that way. When I commented on a blog, I’d put a note that said “commd”, and if I wanted to add notes, I’d add 2 slashes and the note.  I’d also put in a line to mark where I left off for the next day.

Now, I’ve been converted to the system that Snoskred used last year and is using this year – all the blogs listed in a spreadsheet. Since it was copied directly from the blogroll (which seems to have been cleared of blogs sometime today; not sure why – if you’d had it on there yesterday, you’ll likely need to re-add it), you can click on the link and it will load in a new tab. When I’m done commenting, first I mark it off of my piece of paper that is for my 10 blogs per day goal, then I put the day into column B of the spreadsheet; any notes about the blog go into column C. If there’s an issue with the site (i.e. needing to register to comment, being on a “closed” system, or the site not loading), I also put that into column B.

It might sound confusing on the surface, but it’s a lot simpler than having a text file and having to click separately for the blog.

Today, I did 10 official comments, and had to skip one where the link didn’t work for me; that’s why I have 11 down. 😉

Saving time

A great tool that I’ve found that I know will save me a ton of time is something called Texter, from the fine folks at Lifehacker. The purpose of the program is that it allows you to type in a couple of letters, hit a key (enter, tab or space) and it will type out the words you want it to type. For example, when I want to type a blurb saying that I’m doing the commenting challenge, I type in either “nbl” or just “nb” when I don’t need to have the linking code included in the comment. When I go to sign the post, it’s “sigl” or “sig” and then tab. Thus, a sample comment using nbl and sigl, with just a placeholder in the middle (I’ll have only typed 9 keys to get the top and bottom parts) will look like this:

I’m stopping by while trying to leave comments on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible.

You can find more information about the commenting challenge and even join the group <a href=””>here</a>. 🙂

{comment text}

<a href=””></a>

As of right now (and this includes when I was using this a little while ago), I’ve used it 79 times, and saved myself from typing 7,039 letters manually. I’ll keep tabs of this throughout the month. 😉

There’s still time…

If you haven’t signed up already and are willing to post every day for the month, I think you can still sign up today and be in the running for the prizes. You can also join as many groups as you would like, including the group I started – American bloggers – along with scores of other groups available for you to get involved in.

Good luck to everyone this time around! 😀

5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – 11 down, 1690 to go…

  1. You are so right about turning off the internet in order to get something done. It is way too easy to get distracted, all right there at your fingertips. I’m just glad I’m not a student in this internet age, ’cause I would find waaaaay too many ways to procrastinate and avoid my homework.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve joined the comment challenge group. As someone who really enjoys getting comments, I think it’s a great way to “give back.”

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Even if you have found a way to save time, I don’t see how you can do this?? Doing the blogging every day is enough challenge for me! And what happens if I miss a day? I know I have to miss next Saturday – I’ll be away from any internet connection. Will I be excommunicated? or just shunned from blogdom?
    Good luck in all your challenges!

  3. Cugat – I think you’re more for the luck on that, hehe 😉

    Kathryn – I’m not sure if you wanted to comment on this post, but no worries at all 🙂 Heck, even when I was still in school and only had dial up, I’d still find ways to procrastinate. I just have to take control of getting stuff done…like replying to comments… :blush:

    Toni – Actually, I haven’t been doing full commenting runs every day; I was doing well for the first few days, but then ran out of time one day. At first, I didn’t like skipping a day, but now I know that if I don’t get the commenting in during the time I’m online, that’s ok; I have a new day tomorrow. 🙂

    Thanks y’all! 😉

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