Planning for Potential Failure

With only 6 days until my driving test, I know that it is a very real possibility that I will fail on my first go. Honestly, I think I will pass, but there is the real chance that I could fail it anyway.

Interestingly, statistics from the UK say that less than 43% of first time test takers pass on the first go, so really, it’s a badge of honor. As it is, I know of cases (and I’m not naming names, but I know who you are 🙂 ) where a person has tried four times before passing the test. Admittedly, the standards are slightly higher than they are here. Anyway, the possibility exists that I may fail my test.

In the past, I think that I would have gone into it saying I was going to do well, and if I failed, be distraught. However, thanks to some good advice I’ve received, I’ve come up with a plan to ensure that, if I do fail, I will pass on my second go.

The first thing that I will do is continue to drive. Obviously, it would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise if I just gave it all up after only one attempt to get my license.

Next, at the first opportunity (as in the first opportunity I have to be at a computer or use the phone scheduling system) I have, I will schedule a new appointment for the end of January or beginning of February at the DMV center which is nearest to me, and pass that information along to everyone who needs to know.

The other thing, and this might just be the one element of the plan which will make it all fit into place, is to schedule some driving lessons with a professional driving school. Obviously, it’s not going to be free, but it will be money well spent – I’d be looking at taking about three or four hours of driving which would end up costing around $200, and it would be with a driving school that is well-known in this area and of the highest quality. On their website, they say that they don’t have the cheapest rates in the area, but based on the calling around that I did, they actually do have the lowest rates for adult driving going.

The only downside to it is that they do the initial sign up via mail, so I would likely be calling them soon after.

Of course,  I’m fairly confident that it will all go well and I won’t need to engage this plan next Tuesday, which will lead me to making a post in a week’s time saying that I have a new piece of plastic in my wallet. 😉

Lastly, I was doing some temporal vortex learning yesterday and stumbled upon this video on YouTube. The coolest part is that (and I didn’t even realise this until I looked at the tags, but something told me that it was from this area; I’m guessing seeing the Speedway station on the corner helped) this video was shot on the south side of the City. It’s not the area I’m taking my test in, but it has some great practical advice from someone who passed his driving test on the first go here. He made this video (at least the part after the cameo by Tool) to help out his grandfather who was going for a retest so that he could keep his license.

And, a last request; if someone has seen some more videos on parallel parking out there, I’d love to have links to them 😉

3 thoughts on “Planning for Potential Failure

  1. How exciting! Good luck! It’s only natural to be nervous, but go at it with a positive attitude. The worst that can happen is that you fail, and then you just take it again. I think it’s great you are going for your test! A while back, after I passed my exam (on the first go), I wrote a quick post to try to help some people who are going for their exams, about do’s and don’t’s – you’re more than welcome to have a look through it and see if it helps at all!

    Also I found this video on reverse parallel parking, it might help:
    There are some good ones on youtube, but most of them are either those stunt parkers who drift their cars or screech into the space (which isn’t what you’ll be doing on your test! 😉 ) or they are from the UK, so I’m not sure how helpful it would be since you drive on the other side of the road in America. 🙂

    Let us know how it goes!


  2. Should I answer these like I haven’t taken, and passed, the test? 😉

    Nah, I’ll answer them in the here and now 🙂

    Katie – I wasn’t nervous, actually. I felt a bit of the fluttering just before going out for the test, but I was, as I had been saying over the last couple of days, “Confident, but not cocky” about it. That parking video was quite useful, and I can’t say that I didn’t mind watching all those videos from the UK – now can we get some Aussie driver training videos online? 😉

    Forest – I never really did, however, I knew that there was the possibility. 😉

    Thanks y’all! 😉

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